Mars is currently the center of the study of scientists from all over the world. Apart from this, serious research is also being done on creating an environment for humans to stay alive outside the Earth for a long time. Meanwhile, scientists say that Lava Tubes on Mars and the Moon are places that can be suitable for human living.

What are these lava tubes?

A lava tube is a tunnel or cave that is formed when a volcano erupts on a mountain after emptying the lava from there. These tunnels or caves on Earth are not very wide or long, but there are many huge lava tubes on Mars and Moon.

There are many such tubes on earth

Scientists believe that they are so large that they can be the destinations of astronauts. This research has examined such tubes on Earth and tried to assess whether such and larger tunnels are present below the surface of other planets. 

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These tubes can be very useful on the Moon and Mars

In the coming years, the way in which plans are being made and efforts are being made to make it possible that humans can stay alive on the Moon and Mars for a long time, it is believed that such tubes or tunnels can protect astronauts from those dangerous radiations such as earth's magnetic field saves humans on Earth. There are no such protections on Mars or Moon. In such a situation, it is difficult for the astronauts to stay safe on the surfaces there.

Lava tubes are many times larger than the Earth on the Moon and Mars

This problem will not only be on Mars and Moon but also on other planets. It is believed that such tubes or tunnels on the Moon are thousand times wider than the tubes found on Earth and can be up to thirty meters in length. Due to their large size, it is said to be low gravity here.

Why lava tubes are so huge there?

According to this research, in optical science reviews, despite the large size of these tubes on the Moon and Mars, these tubes are sufficiently permanent to be like a house. Due to low gravity, the possibility of destruction of these tubes is also almost eliminated. In this research, researchers from the European Space Agency and Bologna and Padua University studied such tunnels on Earth that have been found in Hawaii, the Canary Islands, Australia and Iceland.

How the study was done?

Researchers also studied the tubes on the Moon and Mars and measured their size. For this, they took the help of photographs and other figures taken from various spacecraft. They compared these figures to the destroyed tunnels on the surface of the Earth, which helped them to establish connections about the destroyed tunnels and the protected tunnels. Researchers have found that the tubes of other planets, i.e. tunnels or caves, become very large before getting destroyed.

Even a small city can accommodate On Tubes

Ricardo Pozzobon, a researcher of this study and scientist at Padua University, said, "These tubes can be up to 40 kilometers long. This will prove to be a suitable place to explore under the lunar surface and stay alive here for a long time where a safe and permanent environment can be found. Many of them are so large that an entire Padua city can be established there. Such tubes or tunnels may be part of the plan to establish residential areas on Mars and the Moon, where there are far more dangerous conditions than the Earth."

Why these tubes will be beneficial?

Francesco Sauro, an author of this study who worked for the European Space Agency program, says that these lava tubes can play the role of a protective shield against cosmic rays, solar radiation, and small meteorite collisions on the surface of any planet These are the usually occurring events. Apart from this, they are also less affected by the difference in day and night temperatures occurring on the surface.