Do you know what is QR Code and how it works? You must have seen QR codes in some places. Small square-shaped boxes in which some strange pattern is made are known as Quick Response (QR) codes.

It must have come to your mind what is this after all and why is it used. You must have seen them on Advertisements, Billboards, or any Products.
Some URL is embedded behind this code, which if we scan with our Smartphones, we will get information hidden in that code, otherwise, it remains hidden. As soon as we scan that code, it redirects us to the URL of any one website for which it was created.

Although many similar plans have come and gone, something that has been going on for years is this QR code or Quick Response Code. So today in this article we will know what is this QR code and how it works. Today we will know about this in full detail. Then what is the delay, let's start.

What Is A QR Code?

The full form of the QR Code is the “ Quick Response code ”. These are similar in appearance to the Square Barcode which was first developed in Japan. It is very similar in appearance to traditional UPC barcodes which contains various verticle lines in a horizontal pattern.

A QR code, which allows the storage of product information, is actually a two-dimensional barcode. In other words, it is a large, square grid of pixels that contain data. However, it is computer-readable. In other words, only the machine can read it. Because of this, reading devices like smartphone cameras, QR code readers, and QR code scanners are used to scan it and get the information stored in it.
However, the QR code uses four encoding mods to store data. It specifically makes use of the numerical, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji (a type of Chinese character used in Japanese writing) modes. It typically stores data as a series of pixels. But QR codes are more attractive and more information can also be stored in them. Along with this, it can be captured very easily.

If we explain further, these are Machine Readable labels that can be very easily understood by the computer as compared to understanding any text. QR codes are used everywhere such as in tracking or identifying a product. In other words, this is an upgraded version of the typical barcode. They have not imprisoned themselves in such technology that they can only use it to track the products in the warehouse.

Rather its use has increased a lot as nowadays we can see it in advertisements, billboards, and business windows as well. Even some websites are using it too to store all of their information like their website URL, social media profiles, services, etc.

Why Are QR Codes So Important?

You must have got some idea of what is QR Code. If you have never heard about QR Codes before, then you might be putting more pressure on your head. But people who have already connected to the Internet may already know what this Square Shaped Barcode is? It may seem a bit odd in appearance, but the small business owner and entrepreneurs must know about it. Because it is very important for them.

We can also call it the extent of the QR code which has been used since mid-1970. Earlier it was used in the groceries of Supermarkets to track things. But nowadays we use it in all big and small companies to increase their sales and productivity.

Talking about consumers like us, with the help of QR codes, we can easily do some work quickly using our smartphones. It doesn't have any fancy electronics or use any special technology like NFC (Near Field Communication). This is just a grid of white and black which is printed on some paper with white background and it can be easily captured in the camera of the phone.

To get information from the QR code, Firstly we scan the QR Code with the help of a scanner app, then that app converts that code into some valuable information. that we can understand. For example, if you saw a QR code in an advertising board and you scanned it, then it took you to a website, it means that the URL of that website was embedded in that QR Code. This is how QR Code works.

Differences Between QR Code And 1D UPC Barcode?

QR Code was developed in 1994, by Japanese company Denso Wave whereas Bar code was developed in 1952 by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver.

By the way, there is a lot of difference in their appearance too. One looks like empty vertical lines and the other is like a square box. If we talk about scanning, then QR codes can be scanned from any direction (vertically and horizontally) but we can scan Barcodes from only one direction.

1D Barcode (UPC) can store up to 30 numbers but in QR code we can store up to 7089 numbers.

Due to this massive storage capacity, videos and large files can be easily stored in them. Which is later used in Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How Does A QR Code Work?

Now let us know, how does a QR code work? What is the purpose of a QR Code? So, the QR code functions similarly to a barcode. The only difference between them is their textures. In QR Code squares and dots are used instead of verticle lines used in bar code.

You've probably noticed that the QR code contains a black-and-white square grid with a white background. There are three small squares in three corners. And there are a lot of dots. These points are the data. That is, each point represents a different piece of data. However, this data is encoded in numeric, alphanumeric, binary, or kanji formats. 

So, an Imaging Device such as Smartphone, Camera, etc. is used to scan these codes. When we scan the code the Reed-Solomon Code is used to process it. In other words, we get the correct information, that is collected by the machine and all errors (if any) are corrected. Then, from the pattern of vertical and horizontal components, data (information) is extracted and translated into a language that can be understood by us.

Understanding Structure Of QR Code

The QR code is more than just a white background with a black mark on it. It has a lot of its own unique parts. If you look closely, you will notice that it has squares on three sides and that the rest of the black-black dots form different shapes when combined. Many things are hidden in the QR code, such as data modules, position markers, quiet zones, and logos. In binary code, each dot in the QR code represents a '1' and each empty space represents a '0'. This pattern, when combined, encodes numbers, letters, or URLs. Image Source: Wikimedia
There is an empty space on the side of the QR code so that the scanner can see where the code starts and ends. The position markers are the squares in the top two corners of the QR code and in the lower left corner to tell the smartphone where to position the scanner.

Types Of QR Codes

On the basis of structure, function, and usage, QR codes are divided into two categories. which is like this-

Static QR Code

Static QR codes are used to disseminate public information and are rarely edited. This QR Code is published on Posters, TV end, Newspaper, Magazine, etc. The creator of this code is able to get information, Such as: 
  • How many times the QR Code has been scanned.
  • OS of the device scanned from.

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR code is a kind of live code that is edited from time to time. It is also known as Unique QR Code. The creator of this code can track many types of information such as:

  • Scanner name
  • Email id
  • How many times scanned
  • Access to the information contained in the code
  • Conversion Rate etc.

How To Scan QR Code From Smartphone

If you have a SmartPhone, whether it is iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, then you can also scan a QR Code using it. For this, you just have to download any Barcode Scanner App like Red Laser, Barcode Scanner, or QR Scanner with the help of which you can decode any QR Code very easily. All these apps are often free. You just have to install it and scan that code with your phone's camera and it automatically decodes that code.

Nowadays various phones are also providing a default scanner on their phone you can also use that.

Applications Of QR Code

Now let us see where we can use QR Codes in Business related scenarios:
  • We can redirect the QR Code to the URL of any of our specific websites.
  • We can also use it to share messages.
  • We can also use it on the basis of a discount code.
  • We can use it on the basis of a business card, in which our all information will already be embedded.
  • We can also link this to our new location with Google Maps location.
  • With this, we can also link any YouTube video or channel, which increases the chances of going viral.
  • Using this we can also promote our new products.
  • You can also add the link to your new App to it so that people can use your App.
  • You can also attach information about the price of an item in it so that someone can scan it and get that information.
  • You can also put it on the Contact Page of your website so that someone can scan it and save the complete information about your website on their phone.
  • By now you must have understood that with the help of QR codes, we can do many things. Can easily engage many customers.
  • We can also use it to log in on mobile so that we do not even need to enter the password again and again.
  • This is a very easy-tech solution that can be used on any device (only the camera should be there). These are millions of times better than their ancestor Barcodes for use.

Disadvantages Of QR Code

Despite having all these advantages, it also has some disadvantages, such as the issue of some security problems. It can be changed very easily or in other words, dangerous things can be put in it.

For example, if an attacker wants, he can put any of his malicious URLs on such a QR code and fix it at a place where a lot of traffic comes and goes. With this, he can install the virus or can control anyone's mobile. Due to this, the user can fall in great danger.

How To Create A QR Code?

Here we are telling you how to create QR Code, for this, we have to open a browser on our mobile, PC, etc. first, after that there are many such websites and online tools, and with the help of these, you can create a QR code very easily, for this first we need to open it. Have to go to any website, 
  • First, click on its website.
  • When the website opens, enter your URL on it.
  • After entering the URL, you will see many options.
  • After this, you will see the option to add a QR code, click on it.
  • Enter the information you want to convert into a QR code.
  • Then click on add option.
  • After that click on the option of Create Code.
  • After this, you will see that your QR code will be generated on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, you can download it.
  • After downloading it is saved and can be sent wherever you want.
So, you have seen how easy it is to create a QR code that you can create yourself and through this QR code, you can send your information anonymously anywhere.