Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious part of the Atlantic Ocean, which is also known as the Giant Triangle / Devil's Triangle / Triangle of Death / Ghost Triangle etc. The reason behind calling it mysterious and by these names is that since 1854 some mysterious incidents/accidents have been happening in this area. This is a mysterious water area located in the North Atlantic Ocean, whose mystery has not been solved by anyone till now. Till now, hundreds of thousands of planes, ships, and people have gone missing and have not been traced even after lakhs of attempts. This has happened not once, but many times. This is the reason that even today the crew members and passengers of ships and aircraft passing through its vicinity shudder. For hundreds of years, this triangle has remained a great mystery even for scientists, historians, and explorers.

While the incidents of the disappearance of ships and aircraft in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, it has been found that whenever a ship or aircraft reaches here, its instruments like radar, radio wireless, and compass either do not work properly. Or else they stop working gradually. Due to this these ships and aircraft are cut off from the rest of the world/ lost the connection from their origin. Even their own compasses fail. In this way, they either lose their way and become victims of some accident or get lost somewhere in this mysterious area and deepen its mystery even more. Some scientists believe that some laws of physics change in this area, due to which such accidents happen. Some people consider it to be a miracle of some supernatural power, while some are finding it to be a normal phenomenon. How interesting is this topic?  Various types of research were also done two reveal the mystery behind these mysterious accidents, but after all the research and investigation were fail in their mission, the conclusion could not be reached as to how and why these incidents happened, why the missing ships could not be traced, they were swallowed by the sky or swallowed by the sea, even in the event of an accident, the debris of ships and planes was not found.

Location of Bermuda Triangle

Some different boundaries and vertices of the triangle are stated by some writers and researchers, according to them, the total area varying from 1,300,000 to 3,900,000 km2 (500,000 to 1,510,000 sq mi) between the latitude 25 degrees to 45 degrees north and longitude 55 to 85 degrees in the South Eastern Atlantic Ocean of the United States of America, which looks like an imaginary triangle, the name of Bermuda Triangle known from the three corners of this triangle touch Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bermuda Triangle -- Straits of Florida, located in the middle of Bermuda Island located between Puerto Rico and the Atlantic Ocean. Most accidents occur near the southern edge of the triangle, which is near the Bahamas and Florida. Various statements have been given by different researchers and written by various writers about the area of the Bermuda Triangle, which has been the subject of discussion for centuries. Some writers who have done research on this triangle, on the basis of areas where incidents happening, have bound its perimeter as Florida, Bahamas, the entire Caribbean island, and the northern part of the ocean. Some have extended it to the Gulf of Mexico. Among the researchers, there has been a lot of discussion about its area.

Christopher Columbus - The first reporter of the Bermuda Triangle

Till now we don't know what is such a mysterious power in the Bermuda Triangle that pulls even the biggest ships and planes flying in the air towards itself and then everything disappears in the blink of an eye. But whatever we know is Bermuda Triangle has swallowed more than 100 airplanes so far, surprisingly the dead bodies of hundreds of people who disappeared here have not been found even the debris of airplanes and ships not found.

What Columbus told about Bermuda Triangle?

Christopher Columbus, who first discovered America, told the world about this mysterious water area, which became the center of mysterious power for the last 500 years. Columbus was the first navigator-explorer who encountered the Bermuda Triangle. At the end of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus was the first to report the strange behavior of the compass in the Bermuda Triangle during his voyage in 1492. Experts believe that when Columbus's ship reached near to the Bermuda Triangle, his compass started making mistakes. After this, there was a stir among his sailors. It is said that after this Columbus saw a mysterious lightning falling from the sky and a huge ball of fire appeared, which came out of the sky and fell straight into the sea. Although modern scholars have called it an illusion.

Somehow Columbus's ship moved ahead of this mysterious area, but since then till now about one thousand people have gone missing here. But the known incidents of the disappearance of ships and aircraft in this area date back to the 19th and 20th centuries.

History of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle has taken many ships and planes in its lap so far, about which nothing could be known. In 1872, the first ship, The Mary disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, about which nothing could be known. But the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was revealed to the world for the first time when on 16 September 1950, for the first time, an article about it was published in the newspaper. Two years later, Fat Magazine published an article "Sea Mystery at Our Back Door" written by George X. Sand. In this article, the disappearance of Flight 19 ( the designation of a group of five General Motors TBM Avenger torpedo bombers) of the US Navy was mentioned, along with several air and sea vessels. The disappearance of Flight 19 was taken very seriously. Further, in April 1962, in this regard, it was published in a magazine that while disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle the pilots were heard saying, "We do not know where we are, the water is green and nothing seems to be going right. It was also said quoting Navy officials that the aircraft had gone to another planet." 

This was the first article, in which behind the disappearance of the planes, the hand of some power belongs to another planet i.e. creatures from other planets was told. In 1964, an article about the Bermuda Triangle was published in Argosy magazine. This article was written by Vincent Hayes Gaddis. Since then, lots of articles written on it continuously all over the world. In 1973, Bermuda Triangle became so popular that it also found a place in the Encyclopædia Britannica. At the same time, the process of the disappearance of aircraft and ships continued in the Bermuda Triangle.

Unsolved incidents related to the Bermuda Triangle

On 4 December 1872, the ship 'The Mary Celeste' was lost in the Bermuda Triangle, which is still mysterious.

On 5 December 1945, a group of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers with 14 airmen involved in Flight 19 disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The same day, while searching for Flight 19, PBM Mariner BuNo 59225 carried a crew of rescue personnel vanished off the radar entirely within around 20 minutes of takeoff.

On 3 July 1947, a Douglas C-54G-1-DO Skymaster mysteriously disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle. It crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Florida. All six on board were killed.

Avro 688 Tudor 1 G-AHNP Star Tiger departed with 6 crew members and 27 passengers from Santa Maria-Vila do Porto Airport, Azores (SMA/LPAZ), Portugal for Bermuda Air Terminal (BDA/TXKF), Bermuda was lost on January 30, 1948.

On December 28, 1948, Douglas DC-3 NC16002, carrying 3 crew members and 36 passengers departed from San Juan-Isla Grande Airport (SIG/TJIG), Puerto Rico for Miami International Airport, FL (MIA/KMIA), United States of America also went missing in Bermuda triangle.

On January 17, 1949, an Avro 688 Tudor 4B G-AGRE Star Ariel with seven crew members and thirteen passengers departed from Bermuda Air Terminal (BDA/TXKF), Bermuda for  Kingston Airport (KIN/MKJP), Jamaica disappeared in Bermuda Triangle.

In 1952 British Ships merged into the Atlantic. 33 people were killed, and nobody's body was found.

On January 8, 1962, a 4-engine KB-50 aerial tanker of the US Army took off from Langley Air Force Base for  Lajes Field or Lajes Air Base and suddenly disappeared while passing over the Bermuda Triangle.

On June 9, 1965, a 440th Troop Carrier Wing USAF C-119 Flying Boxcar went missing between Florida and Grand Turk Island. The plane's last call came from just north of Crooked Island, Bahamas, and 177 miles from Grand Turk Island. 

On July 18, 1965, plane debris was discovered on the beach of Gold Rock Cay, just off the northeastern shore of Acklins Island.

Private ERCO Ercoupe F01 on December 6, 1965, was lost en route from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Bahamas Island, with one passenger.

In 1972, a German plane sank as soon as it entered the triangle. The weight of this ship was 20 thousand tons.

Where did the German plane go in 1997 as soon as it entered the Bermuda Triangle, nothing is known.

On June 20, 2005, a Piper PA-23 went missing between Treasure Cay Island, Bahamas, and Fort Pierce, Florida. On board, there were three people.

On February 23, 2017, Turkish Airlines flight TK183 (an Airbus A330-200) was forced to divert from Havana, Cuba to Washington Dulles International Airport due to mechanical and electrical issues over the triangle.

On May 15, 2017, a private MU-2B aircraft at 24,000 feet disappeared from radar and radio contact with Miami air traffic controllers. Later, plane wreckage was discovered.

Causes and research of incidents in the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle (the Triangle of Death) has ingested 125 airplanes and 50 ships. Even after so much progress in science, no one could solve its secret. The reasons behind the accidents occurring in the Bermuda Triangle are not yet known for sure. No one has been able to solve this tangled knot of the Bermuda Triangle properly to date. Many theories have been presented regarding this mysterious region, but none proved satisfactory. In this context, everything we did is just proved as speculations and conjectures. As per research, Scientists have given various reasons, which are responsible for these incidents. These reasons are as follows-

Methane Gas

According to Some chemists, a chemical called 'methane hydrate' in that area is the reason for these accidents. When this hydrate formed in the sea explodes suddenly, it can engulf all the ships around it. If its area is large enough, it can sink even the biggest ship. Scientists believe that due to the hydrate explosion when the sunken ship sinks into the bottom of the sea, it disappears by being buried under the sediment of hydrate formed there. This is the reason why there is no trace of the ships that disappeared in this way.

Research conducted in Australia has shown that a large part of this marine area is dominated by methane hydride. The resulting bubbles can also cause the sudden sinking of a ship. According to scientists, these bubbles have the ability to sink a ship by reducing the density of water. A paper was also released by the US Geographical Survey Department (USGS) in this regard.

Regarding the incidents happening in this area, scientists are of the opinion that similarly when methane spreads in large quantities in the atmosphere, at that time if any vehicle enters its area shuts down due to a lack of oxygen in the engine, due to the concentration of methane. In such a situation, the pilot loses control of the aircraft and it enters the belly of the sea. According to the US Geological Survey, there is a vast reservoir of methane in the seabed of Bermuda. This is the reason why such accidents keep happening there.

Magnetic Field

Many scholars are of the opinion that due to the presence of a powerful magnetic field in this area of the ocean, the instruments installed in the ships stop working there. Magnetic fields spoil these instruments by cutting the signals of radio waves, due to which the ships go astray, and become victims of accidents. That is some laws of physics change here.

Electromagnetic Field

Some eyewitnesses have reported seeing thunder and lightning between the clouds in the sky of the Bermuda Triangle, creating an electromagnetic field, and then a whirlwind rising between the clouds and the sea, which has been called electronic fog. In which ships and planes go missing by getting trapped. But there is no information about how electronic fog is formed in Bermuda.


Its mystery becomes even deeper when some people reported these accidents by connecting them with extraterrestrial powers and 'flying saucers'. Most UFO sightings have been reported near this triangle. Some people say that beings aliens from other planets staying here and they are responsible for these accidents because they do not want any earthlings to travel in their area to know their secret or to obstruct their work and it may be that The Bermuda Triangle is a research station for creatures from other planets. That's why alien powers damage ships and planes, disappear them from our eyes, and then do research on it. There are reports of UFO sightings around the world. In such a situation, the involvement of extraterrestrial powers cannot be ruled out in the plane and ship disappearing from the Bermuda Triangle. But extraterrestrial forces may have a hand in the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, This can only be guessed at. Because there is no solid proof of this, the Bermuda Triangle is still mysterious.

Geographical Situation

The main reason behind the disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle is considered to be its geographical location. The geographical location of this region, located in the North West Atlantic Ocean, is such that the compasses of planes stop showing the right direction as soon as they enter here. Scientists believe that the laws of physics do not apply in this area due to which accidents happen. Along with this, the position of the moon is also considered responsible for this.

Severe Storm

Powerful storms keep coming into this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. Airplanes and ships get entangled in these storms and sink.

Giant Storm Surges

Some scientists say that here huge stormy surges of air, flow from top to bottom of ships and aircraft get drowned in the ocean due to these intense air surges, which are later carried away by the powerful waves of the ocean. But if this logic is accepted as correct, then the question arises why do malfunctions arise in devices like radios, wireless, radar, and compass?

Gulf Stream

The mighty Gulf Stream runs through this region. These Gulf Streams flow from the Gulf of Mexico through the Straits of Florida to the North Atlantic. This Gulf Stream is actually like a river inside the sea. These may be responsible for the sinking of ships in their fast flow.

Human Error

Human error is also believed to be responsible for the loss of aircraft and ships in the region. Like the missing tanker VA, Its crews are said to have lacked training, which led to a blunder in cleaning up benzene residuals and the ship sinking.

Some Other Reasons

Some people consider these incidents to be coincidences, but the disappearance of so many ships and aircraft in this particular triangular area cannot be a mere coincidence. While some scientists attribute the reason for these accidents to the power of gravity. Some people call these incidents natural, they blame the crystalline substances located under this part of the sea, water cycles (vortices), and sea ​​earthquakes generated from the sea floor for these incidents, and there are many people who believe that these accidents are just mechanical faults. Richard Winer, who made a documentary film (The Devil's Triangle) on the Bermuda Triangle,  says that an expert who belongs to this area even said in his interview that the ships and planes disappearing there are still there in a different dimension and the reason for this different dimension is probably the magnetic environment established by the UFOs.

All such incidents have been continuously happening in that area from time to time. What is the reason behind these mysterious incidents? To know this, scientists, researchers, explorers, and researchers have been engaged for many decades and they also claim that they have found a solution to these incidents, but there are still many questions that do not have any correct and accurate answers. That is why till today this mysterious triangular area of ​​Bermuda remains an unsolved mystery in itself. It is difficult to say whether this mystery will ever be fully revealed.

Bermuda Triangle - Busy sea route

The research was done on the area of ​​the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Some scientists who have done research on Bermuda described its area as the northern part of the ocean along with Florida, the Bahamas, and the entire Caribbean island. So some have extended it to the Gulf of Mexico. That is, after research, different opinions were given regarding the area of ​​Bermuda. The route of these triangles may have been dangerous in the sea, but it is not that no ship passes through the Bermuda Triangle. Air and sea traffic are also abundant in this area, this sea area is considered to be the busiest maritime traffic waterway in the world. Many ships depart from here daily for America, Europe, and the Caribbean islands. Airplanes going to the Florida Caribbean islands and South America also pass through here. This is the reason why some people are not ready to believe that despite so much traffic, if a ship suddenly disappears or if there is an accident in such a situation, then how can no one know. But the reality is that nothing has been found about the missing planes and ships from this area.

How many planes and ships have gone missing in Bermuda Triangle?

It is said about this giant triangle that the one who went here could not come back. The biggest thing is that it is not easy to find the missing ships and airplanes here. There is no trace of the ships that disappeared in this area. This is the reason why no one can tell the exact number of ships and aircraft lost here. But according to recorded details, 125 aircraft and about 50 ships have been sunk in this area.

Where Is Bermuda?

Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located on the east coast of the United States of America just around 1770 km northeast of Miami (Florida) and 1350 km south of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada),  1,759 km (1,093 mi) north of Havana, Cuba. It is the oldest and most populous expatriate region of Britain.

Bermuda Triangle is not a mystery but an edge of the time zone

According to some of experts, the Bermuda Triangle is not a mystery but one end of the time zone. The Bermuda Triangle is like a black hole on Earth used to go to other worlds. In simple language, a special kind of situation arises in the Bermuda Triangle, due to which it becomes a means of moving from one time zone to another. Let us take another approach to explain time zones. Suppose you are in Delhi. If something happens that takes you back to the era of Mahabharata, when the Kaurava-Pandava fight is going on and you are also present there. Or something like what happened in the film Love Story 2050, after Priyanka Chopra's death, the hero reaches 2050 with the help of a time machine. That is, in the blink of an eye, the journey of many years is covered. Overall, the Bermuda Triangle is also considered a way to go to the time zone. That is, the Bermuda Triangle works like a mysterious time machine.

The biggest thing is that this time zone is not used by humans but by people from other worlds. That is, Bermuda Triangle is a portal for aliens settled thousands of kilometers away from the Earth. To understand this theory further, it is very important to know these scientific facts which came to the fore after years of investigation. This happens 25 times a year when the size of the Bermuda Triangle shrinks to just two and a half square miles. That is, from 15 thousand square miles reduced to two and a half miles. The special conditions last only for 28 minutes. At this time, whatever plane or ship passes through the Bermuda Triangle. Fiercely powerful electromagnetic waves pull it towards itself. During this time, the Bermuda Triangle acts as the first side of the time zone. The second side is millions of kilometers away from the Earth. That is, once the thing that went to the Bermuda Triangle is thrown into the other world. Aliens also follow the same principle to come to Earth. Let's adopt In distant space, aliens enter from one side of the time zone, in the blink of an eye, the size of the time zone increases and they reach its other end, this other end is the Bermuda Triangle. This is the reason why most of the alien sightings are noticed around the Bermuda Triangle. It is also said that America has a huge secret laboratory in this part for research on time zones. Like Area-51, research related to aliens is also done here.