As you know, nowadays the exam phase is going on, whether it be school exams, college exams or other exams, so we will discuss some important things to keep in mind while preparing for exams so that you can effectively prepare for your exam and get success:

How To Prepare For The Exam

1.) Before starting to study, the first thing you should keep in mind- choose a suitable place where you can study with a lot of concentration, feel comfortable enough, don't get any disturbance and keep your hard work.

2. Before starting your study, you should make a schedule and follow the same schedule to study.

3. Never study continuously for 2 - 3 hours. Two-three hours of continuous reading will affect your mind and the questions remembered will not be remembered for long. So during the study, take an interval of 5 - 10 minutes every 40 - 50 minutes.

4. In the interval of 5 - 10 minutes, do not let your attention deviate from the study, you either take a walk or revise the answers you learned.

5. Drink water when you experience lethargy while reading.

6. And while reading, if there is any difficulty in memorizing any lines or some words, then highlight them and revise that more.

7. While studying, keep your intuition strong and never leave any question incomplete.

8. You should play some brain games in free time to sharpen the mind. Like playing chess or solving puzzles, it sharpens your mind. Attend some quiz and try to answer the maximum number of questions in minimum time.

9. You should also participate in any activity in which your brain is constantly being used.

10. You should also exercise so that your mind will feel fresh and will also work properly.

11.) Many times students think that there is still a lot of days left to prepare for the exam, I will start having fun today and start studying tomorrow and the next day when student sit for study, then after a while, he feels lethargic and thinks today I studied more, I will do the rest of the studies tomorrow and this is how the exam day comes and the preparation cannot be completed. That is why always avoid this type of thinking and for preparing for the exam, set a target for the daily as per days left for the exam, and study accordingly.

12. While studying, if you find any question that has chances to come in the exam, then also learn it.

13. Try to complete the exam preparation two to three days before the exam day and try to solve the last three-five years question papers in the remaining two-three days. Try to make sure, you can write the answers to all questions given in the question paper in a short time so that you can write the answers to all the questions within the time specified in the exam. In the remaining days, keep revising all the memorized questions so that all the answers are well remembered in your mind at the time of examination and the chances of forgetting the answers during the exam.

14. If you are having difficulty in understanding the answer to a question, then you should use a flow chart. You should represent the answer via a diagram or figures so that you can easily understand the answer.

15.) If you are having difficulties memorizing the formulas, then write all the formulas on a chart and solve more questions related to those formulas while solving questions use that chart so that you can learn to apply those formulas repeatedly and by doing so You will learn that formula automatically.

16. Study by creating a group- You can study with two to four friends together. The group study will make you more interested in your studies and if you do not understand any answer, then you can understand by sharing it with your friend.

17. Many times students do not study all the year and forget to eat food in the last days and only keep on studying. But you should not do this, you should keep eating the proper amount because the brain does not work until the stomach is full.

18. Make sure to learn the answers to all the questions in the last five years question paper because many questions related to the previous year's question paper are asked in the exam, so if you have learned those questions then your chances of getting good marks are increased. If you are unable to get the question papers of the last five years, then you can use the modal test paper of the last three years in the backside of the guide or book for exam pr.

19. Whenever you go to attend the exam, do not read anything 1 hour before that, keep your mind calm. If you learn till the last moments, then there will be stress on your mind and you may remember the answers that you have learned in the last moments, but the questions you had learned earlier, you will forget while attending the exam.

20. There are many students who study till waking up late at night on exam day and also wake up early in the morning, thus their sleep is not complete and the brain is affected. Six - eight hours of sleep is very important for a student, so must complete six-eight hours of sleep.

21. Read all the questions in the exam carefully with a cool mind, then divide the questions into three parts as follows:

First check all the questions whose answers you learned very well, select the questions for which you have a little confusion and finally choose the questions for which you do not know the answer.

22.) First of all, write the questions for which you learn the answers very well because many times we solve all the questions in sequence, then there are some questions whose answer we do not remember and we try to write the answer, we waste our time to write them and we waste the time. At the last moment in the absence of time, we will not able to write the answers to the questions whose answer we know very well.

23.) After writing the questions for which you learn the answers well, you write the answers to the questions in which you have Confusion and finally try to write the answers to the questions for which you do not remember the answer.

24.) Before writing an answer to any question, it must be read what was asked in the question and according to that, write only the same number of answers as asked in the question. Many times we do not read the questions well and the write answer which was not even asked, and waste the time.

25.) Many times students write the answers to both the questions given in "or" and the teacher cuts off the answers to both those questions and does not add their marks, so write the answers to all the questions carefully.

26. Many students write additional lines to make the written answer look more effective, but because of writing many extra lines, they write some such lines which make the importance of the answer become less . Therefore, always write only those lines, which means. So that the importance of the answer by writing a useless line should not be less and do not waste your precious time.

27. Even if you write fewer lines in the answer, but write the same line which means that if all the words written by you are important for the question, then you will get enough marks for all the words.

28.) Many times while writing the answers to the questions, students also make mistakes and cut off the word if they make a mistake, which makes the answer sheet look ugly and has a bad impact on the teacher. So while writing the answers to the questions, be sure to take care of the cleanliness. The neater your answer sheet looks, the better it will have a good impact on the teacher.

29.) To write the answer to the questions given in the exam, choose the correct pen. You should choose a pen that has a good grip and ease of writing. Many of us carry such a pen in the exam that we do not have a good grip and we have difficulty in writing answers, writing also does not write well and time wastes. If you carry such a pen on which you have a good grip, then you will be able to write answers quickly and writing will also be good.

30.) Also keep in mind that you should carry the extra pen and go for the exam, many times we do not pay attention to the pen and in the middle of the exam, the ink of the pen ends and in the absence of the pen, our time is wasted.