These days, the whole world is suffering from the crisis of Coronavirus. But in the midst of all this, there are many news reports about Alien becoming viral on social media. People say that Aliens are now inhabiting the earth. Recently, people around the world are watching ships of strange shapes and strange lights in the sky. Recently a video related to this has also become viral. This video is from New Jersey.

Actually, the same strange red light was seen in the sky of New Jersey which was seen elsewhere. Which was recorded by many people through their mobile phones and was also shared on social media expressing suspicion of Alien Ship.

According to the Daily Star, this video was first shared by a person named Brian on Reddit. After this, this video was also shared on other social media platforms.

In the video that is going viral, these three red lights are seen which are moving simultaneously. Earlier, such red lights were seen in Virginia also, on April 21, strange lights were seen in Texas.

After this, similar lights have now appeared in the sky of Richmond and Las Vegas cities of Virginia state of America.

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Not only this, on May 19, similar light was also seen in the sky of Siberia. The light was so bright that people started to feel like it was the day.