There are various graduation and professional courses available to the students as a career after 12th science. Choosing career options after 12th science is very promising as the scope for science students is very high and opportunities are always knocking at the door if they select the right field of career matching with their natural talent. According to nowadays, market trend professionals with a science background are always in high demand not only at home but also abroad. The two most popular and most sought career options after 12th science in India are Engineering and Medical.

But here we are providing some courses related to career option of those students who have an interest in biology:-


The field of Agriculture is Known to be the mainstay of the Indian economy. Agriculture includes the Dairying, Poultry Farming, and Horticulture apart from the production of Fruits, Vegetables, and food grains. In this field, there are many options available like research and teaching. One can choose among these courses after 12th science in agriculture:-

1.   B. Sc. in  Agriculture.

2.   B. Sc.  in Agricultural Eco and Farm management

3.   B. Sc. in Agricultural Meteorology

4.   B. Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology

5.   B. Sc. in Agricultural Statistics

6.   B. Sc. in Agronomy

7.   B.Sc. (Agriculture Mktg and Business Management)

8.   B.Sc. (Bio-chem and Agricultural Chemistry)

9.   B. Sc. in Crop Physiology

10. B. Sc. in Entomology

11.  B. Sc. (Hons) in Agriculture

Forensic Science

The field of Forensic science involves investigating a crime with the help of applying scientific principles. These are degrees and diplomas after 12th  for students who chose forensic science as career options after 12th.

1.   B. Sc. in Forensic Sciences

2.   B. Sc. in Life Science, Chemistry, Forensic Science

3.   Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science for Police personnel

4.  B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences

5.  Diploma in F/Sciences (Ballistics and Finger Prints) 

6.  Diploma in Forensic Science (Cyber Crimes) 

7.  Diploma in Forensic Science  (Computer Forensics)


The field of Biotechnology is totally a combination of biology with modern technology, which produces result in alter cells to manipulate them as required. It helps scientists to develop treatments for various diseases and very helpful to humans and other living forms. Biotechnology is used in a variety of fields like Environmental, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Chemical. These are the degrees and diplomas after 12th in biotechnology:-

1.   B.Sc.  Biotechnology

2. B.Sc. in  Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

3.   B.E. in Biotechnology 

4.   B.Tech. (Industrial Biotechnology)

5.   Diploma in Biotechnology 


The field of Geology involves the study of earth and everything related to its structure, processes including the study of organisms inhabited on earth.  Geology also comprises the study of oceanography, hydrogeology, geostatistics. Interest and study in this field may get you the chance to work with the environmental consultant companies, non-profit organizations, natural resources consultants and companies, Universities and government agencies, and the Geological Survey of India. These are the degrees and diplomas after 12th in geology:-

1.   B. Sc. in Geology

2.   B. Sc. (Hons.) Geology

3.   PG Diploma in Environmental Geology

4.   PG Diploma in Engineering Geology

5.   PG Diploma in Geology (Groundwater)

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The field of Zoology involves the study of living and extinct animals their evolution, structure, behavior, function, and interaction with the environment. Zoology is a diverse and broad field that includes studies of mammals, insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, and a lot of others. One can become a zoologist, lecturer, ornithologist, and even wildlife expert after studying in this branch of science. These are a degree in zoology while considering a career after 12th science:

1.   B. Sc. in Zoology

2.   B.Sc. (Hons) in Zoology

3.   B. Sc. in Aquaculture (Fishery Microbiology) 

4.   B. Sc. in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology

5.   B. Sc. in Zoology and Animal Biotechnology

Food Technology

Demands of a Food Technologist are growing day by day as rising in demand for packaged food and its long preservation due to many modern changes in food habits.  Food technology deals with the scientific understanding of foods we eat and what are the actual production process to make foods, packaged, and preserved. A degree in this field can get one the job of Food Quality controller, Research Officer, Packaging manager, and a lot of other jobs. Students may go for food technology courses after 12th science:-

1.   B. Sc. in Food Preservation and Processing

2.   B. Sc. in Food Processing

3.   B. Sc. in Food Processing and Technology

4.   B. Sc. in Food Storage, Preservation, and Food Tech.

5.   B. Sc. in Food Technology (Bio-Chemical Engineering)

6.   Diploma in Fish Processing Technology

7.   Diploma in Sugar Technology


This field of Microbiology involves the study of living organisms which may be a cell cluster, single cell, or maybe no cell at all, these are invisible to the naked eye such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. There are many types of different microbiology. But Medical microbiology is well known as it deals with human illness. Other Microbiology includes food microbiology, environmental microbiology, and veterinary microbiology. There are ample career opportunities and jobs for Microbiologists in Pharmaceutical, Food, Research, and development laboratories in hospitals, Beverage and chemical industries, Research organizations, Agriculture, and Health care research.

1.   B.Sc. in Microbiology

2.   B.Sc.(Hons) in  Microbiology

3.   Diploma in Clinical Microbiology

4.   Diploma in Clinical Pathology

5.   Diploma in Industrial Microbiology.


B. Sc. Genetics is a rapidly growing career field. This field involves the study of structure, function, and behavior of genes, cells, tissues, organs, and individual level Genetic engineering is such a process that is used in preventing Genetic disorders from birth. This field may provide these jobs:-


 2. Engineer

 3.Genetic Counselor Etc.