Google Areo

As Google has Launched its many applications to make life easier and now Google Launched its New App Google Areo .Sneakily on Wednesday, Google launched its new hyperlocal services app, Areo, on the Play Store, with plans to get food and home services to customers’ doorsteps in Bengaluru and Mumbai .Smartphone apps such as Zomato and UrbanClap have made life easier for users by allowing them to order food or services from nearby restaurants or service providers without actually visiting them. Google has joined the club too with Areo. It is a free app and is currently available only on Android devices, and services are available only in Bangalore and Mumbai at the moment.

Areo was first spotted by The Android Soul blog, then confirmed with Google by The Economic Times.

Areo popped up on the Google Play Store on April 12, 2017, where the company briefly explains how the product works. The idea is to consolidate both food delivery and home services in a single app, where you can search for dishes or restaurants – even filter by vegetarian options – or book appointment times with local pros. Users can also pay in the app, the description indicates, via card, netbanking, or cash on delivery.

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With Areo, Google is basically acting as the middleman – that is, it’s not running its own food delivery or home services business, but is rather working with service providers in the area.6
Launch partners include UrbanClap and Zimmber on the home services side, and Freshmenu, Box8 and Faasos for food ordering, The ET reports. For payments, it’s working with TimesofMoney’s DirecPay, but not Android Pay, oddly, they also discovered.

How Areo Works :-

Google actually using UrbanClap’s database. So when you order a beautician, Areo opens the API of Urban Clap where you can see the type of service available, rating by other users on Urban Clap and the charges for each. Once you have decided upon a service, you can mark your date and time of appointment on the same page. Once an order is placed, you can see the order in your app cart and receive a confirmation call from the service provider. Payment can be made through card, online banking or cash on delivery.

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For food delivery, Areo uses up data from food ordering apps such as Fasoos, Freshmenu, Holachef and Box8. The results do not show by the name of the shop or restaurant but by the name of the food items. While this may work for services, the anonymity over who is actually providing the food is surprising.