After announcing Jio Dhan  Dhana Dhan Offer Now Jio announced its new offer known as Vivo Jio Cricket Mania. So now if you are using a Vivo Smartphone with Jio sim then you can get up to 168 GB Free data from Jio by supporting your favorite team. The Complete detail of this offer is given below:

Time To Register For This Offer:-

Jio announced this offer on 5 April 2017 and this offer is activated on 10 April 2017.
Vivo smartphone users will have to select their favorite team on or before May 10. Jio will reduce its complementary data to 50 percent if users register after April 30.

How To Get 168 GB Data:-

The amount of free data that Jio users can avail depends on your chosen team’s performance. Whether your chosen team wins, loses or draws a match, you will still be eligible for free data. If your team wins, Jio will credit 3GB of free data, if your team loses you get 1GB data, and in case the match ends in a draw, you get 2GB of 4G data.
As a random scenario, let’s say out of 10 matches your team wins five matches, loses two and draws three. So, for the five matches won, you get 15GB data, for the two matches lost, you get 2GB data, and for the three draws, you get 6GB data. Here, the total amount of data that you get is 15+2+6=23GB.

 If your chosen team reaches the qualifiers, the amount of free data will be doubled, which means you will get 46GB data. Next, if the team reaches the finals, the data will be tripled to 69GB, and in case your team wins the finals, the amount of data will be quadrupled to 92GB. So, if the team wins all the matches, users can avail a maximum of 168GB data.

When Will The Data Be Credit:-

The additional data benefits will be credited to user’s account over their next ten recharges as data boosters, starting from June 1 to March 31, 2018. However, users will have to recharge with Rs 303 or more every month to be eligible for this extra data benefit.

Terms And Conditions Of This Offer:-

Jio users need to recharge the number with a minimum of Rs 309 every month to avail the free data. Also, the free data will be locked to Jio mobile number and Vivo phone’s IMEI number. So, in case you insert the SIM card in some other smartphone, you won’t be able to avail the complementary data. Also, the free data will be offered as pack booster pack over and above the existing pack. So, if you have the Rs 309 plan that offers 1GB high-speed data every day, the complementary data will kick in after the daily limit of 1GB is exhausted.