Finally, Now Google properly unveiled Android O during its main keynote at Google I/O 2017, though the new Android O mobile OS system was launched in preview mode.  A few months ago, Android O Developer Preview is technically available to developers only. But now Android O available also for mobile users. To know all the details related to Android read complete post:-

What Is Android O?

Android O is the latest android version operating system. This version can also be called Android 8.0. This Android version is still known as Android O because its name still not confirmed by Google, it is expected that its name may be Android Oreo. But it is not a confirmed name.

Latest Features On Android O:-

Android O adds some nice touches to the Android experience, though nothing quite a revolution, making it a fairly minor upgrade in the grand scheme of things. Though the company is clearly doing a lot to help future proof the operating system by building out the backend with a number of new developer tools.

Android includes faster boot-up times, better performance, tweaked notifications, and improved battery life.
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Google previewed some of the new features coming to Android 8.0 on-stage during its annual developer conference, Google I/O, last night.

The next version of Android is not about headline-grabbing new features, but instead doubling-down on performance tweaks that make the everyday experience better for users.

Smart text selection is being introduced in Android O.

The nifty new feature uses artificial intelligence to identify text that users will most likely want to copy and paste, helping phone owners quickly highlight the information they want.

Users can quickly reduce the video player to a small floating window that can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

Google says third-party developers, like Amazon Prime and Netflix, will be able to implement the feature ahead of the launch of Android 8.0 later this year.

The US search behemoth has also promised to improve battery life with Android O, saying the new software would be more "wise" to apps running in the background on mobile devices.

Google has also had a spring-clean in the Notifications tray and the Settings menu.

In the latter, the California-based company has relegated a number of specialized settings into an Advanced dropdown menu, which reduces some of the clutter and keeps the whole thing a little more user-friendly.

Boot-up times are also dramatically improved in Android O, with the Pixel starting up almost twice as fast as the same hardware running Android N.

One of the standout features is picture-in-picture, which lets you continue watching video content while using other apps.

Another new feature previewed on-stage was notification dots – new colored bubbles that appear beside an app icon when you have a notification waiting.

Android apps can now autofill with usernames and passwords saved within the Google Chrome web browser, which should save you a lot of time.

All features are awesome but unfortunately, it only works with YouTube Red, Youtube Red is the paid US-only subscription plan fo YouTube, and video chat app Google Duo for now.