Bachelor Of Fine Arts ( B.F.A. ) :-

B.F.A. stands for Bachelor Of Fine Arts . B.F.A. is a undergraduate Bachelor degree course .B.F.A. degree in that the majority of the program consists of a practical studio component, as contrasted with lecture and discussion classes. A typical BFA program in the United States consists of two-thirds study in the arts, with one-third in more general liberal arts studies.In some countries such a degree is called a Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA). In the United Kingdom the equivalent degree is the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine Art. In Australia the Bachelor of Fine Arts is awarded to students completing a degree in visual and performing arts. Specific degrees such as the Bachelor of Dance or Bachelor of Drama are used by some performing arts institutions in Australia and much of Europe. In India a Fine Arts undergraduate degree is known as a BFA or BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts). It is a four-year degree.

Eligibility Critria :-

●    Students those want to apply for B.F.A. must comply following eligibility Critria :-

●    Any Students passed 10 +2  exam from any stream can apply for B.F.A.

●     There are no entrance test required for B.F.A. but some Institute conducts entrance test and make the final decision of admission on the basis of entrance test.

How To Fill Entrance Exam Application Form :-

The students who decided to do B.F.A. can fill application forms can be got through online and offline. Online form can be filled online through visiting the site of Institute . After visiting the site students would have to find application form and fill their details which is asked in form to fill and finally submit the form .When filled and submitted the form then print the form. The application forms need to be send with the required documents and DD. Offline forms can be obtained from admission center of the institute. While filling the forms, aspirants must be careful. Only right details must be given and should be checked after filling the form. It must reach the office before the last date.

B.F.A. Entrance Examination Pattern :- 

The entrance exam contains multiple-choice questions. The students can choose appropriate one from the given alternatives. The questions in entrance exam test related to the topics like painting, visualization etc. Students have to finish entrance exam in 2 hours .

 B.F.A course curriculum :-

First year

    Design in Applied Arts
    Drawing & Painting
    Fundamentals of Visual Art

Second year

    History of Art (Indian Art)
    Life Study
    Materials and Methods

Third year

    Creative Composition
    Creative drawing
    History of Art II (Western Art)
    Information Technology

B.F.A Specializations :-

  •     Architecture
  •     Calligraphy
  •     Cartooning
  •     Dance
  •     Graphic Designing
  •     Illustration
  •     Music
  •     Painting
  •     Photography
  •     Printmaking
  •     Sculpture
  •     Theatre

Advantages Of B.F.A. :-

◆     After completing B.F.A. students can apply for M.F.A. ( Master Of Fine Arts ) or M.V.A. ( Master Of Visual Arts ) .

◆      After Completing B.F.A. aspirant can establish their career in field visual communication and performing arts.

◆      By completing B.F.A. students can develop their talent which already present on them.

Bachelor Of Fine Arts Career :-

 After completing B.F.A. students can establish their career as :-

 *     Craft or fine artists                                                         
 *     Multimedia artist actor
 *     Art director                                           
 *     Art teacher
 *    Writer ceramics                                 
 *    Creative director
 *    Animator                                            
 *    Drawing Teacher
 *    Editor
 *    Music Teacher
 *    Graphic Designer
 *    Production Artist
 *    Set designer etc.

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 Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another. While this can be a difficult time, the results that you will achieve are worth all of the hard work that you will put in!