As with the passage of time and development of technologies we developed we had become more dizitalized and we started to do our financial or professional works such as banking , online payment etc . In this condition security of our banking details , password or any other personal informations is most necessary to stay safe and secure . And we are using paswords , pin , fingerprint etc . But there chances to guess and hack the password pin by hackers or any other person . So researchers and developers were trying to develope the security . And finally a researcher and their associates developed a new security method Brainwave . We provided the complete details about brainwave secuirity method  :-


Brainwaves Password :-

Nitesh Saxena who is  an associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, introduced a brainwave security method . As by the name we can fimd that it works through our brain . It works with the brain activity while they did some repetitive tasks concentrate on their breathing for 10 seconds, imagine they were moving their index fingers up and down, and so on. Then each person was asked to choose a "pass-thought," which they focused on for 10 seconds.Software analyzed each person's brain activity, and searched for patterns that could be used as identifiers. For example lets when you start using your system it display some any image ot word on seeing that word the expsession or thought that generated on your mind was recirded by it and process on the basis of that . Brainwave system is already tested by researcher and researchERS found that it works accurately .

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Advantages Of Brainwwaves Password :-

 Brainwaves password may be most secure method as comparison to other security method in following manners :-

If you are drunk , you are not in stable condition  and you are trying to using your system in that condition your expressions will be different and you would not able to use your system .

There are more such conditions in wich you can feel more safe and secure with brainwaves security method in comparison of other security method .