Overheating Of Smartphone :-

With the time , demand of smartphone is increasing with the increase in the demand of smartphone from the users . Demand of features in smartphone is also increasing . Users wants to more latest features on their smartphone . So to influence the users , the manufacturers tries to and more and more interesting features on their company's smartphone so that users only buy their smartphone . So manufacturer upgrade the smartphone . With the increment in functions and features the high quality processors which  affect the temperature of our smartphone and generate heat in smartphone normal heating of smartphone is not to worry . But overheating of smartphone is issue to worry . Now we will discuss the cause of overheating of smartphone , effects of overheating of smartphone and how to prevent phone from overheating :-

Overheating Of Smartphone

Cause Of Overheating Of Smartphone :-

Gaming Or Calling During Charging The Smartphone :-

The most common cause of overheating of smartphone is that users play the  game on their smartphone while they are charging their smartphone so the users should not do this. Because gaming is a resource-hungry task and deals with the CPU and GPU doing a lot more work than they normally do, which generate the heat on our smartphone . Hence at the same time there two processes happen first  the charging of smartphone's battery and second gaming due to which battery consumption is more concurrently which also emits heat.Almost same case occurs when users calling while the charging  of smartphone .

 Too Much Gamming :-

When we plays game continuously on our smartphone then it constantly stress the internal cores used on the smartphone and causes the generation of heat . Too much Gamming causes continuously overheating of smartphone and there are no time to cooling down the phone but our smartphone need intervals to cool down every once a while as smartphones aren’t primarily made for playing applications like Modern Combat or Fifa. Once the motherboard gets burnt or damaged, it is almost impossible to restore unless you’re ready to pay a hefty sum .

Effect Of Environment :-

The outer environment in which smartphone is using by user also affect the temperature of smartphone . Smartphones get overheated when operated in hotter regions or used under direct sunlight. When the smartphone kept in the car’s dashboard then also smartphone get overheating . So when your phone  overheating then the important thing to remember is to check the external environment conditions before looking for internal issues
Using Backcover :-
Almost all the users using smartphone cover their smartphone with the use of Backcover . Backcovers are usually made by plastic and leather that are make insulation . Hence the generate on smartphone remain inside and heat of smartphone don't reduce and when more heat generate that also remain inside and not cool down .

Old Charger Or Damaged Charger :-

With the time charger get affected the charging speed of charger decreases and hence the charging time of smartphone increase and take longer time due to this heat generate and when phone connected to charger for long time it get overheating .

Connection To Phone For Longer Time :-

 When the smartphone stay connected with the connections such as wi fi , Bluetooth etc. then our smartphone get overheating . Also when we uses internet for long time then our smartphone also get overheating .

Running Background Application :-

When we uses many application at same time or performing many operations at same time then our applications run in the background and generate heat . And also when we uses such application that run in background then our smartphone get overheating .

Using Smartphone In Low Network Area :-

When we uses our smartphone in where network is low then smartphone increase the working power of transmitter and reciever to provide network work properly which causes load on processor of smartphone and smartphone get overheating .

How Yo Prevent Overheating Of Smartphone :-

Do Nothing While Charging The Smartphone :-

When connected  your smartphone to the charger then you should wait till the phone get charged and you should not do anything while charging of smartphone .

Avoid Too Much Gaming :-

You should not play game for long time interval on your smartphone . Take smartphone at rest for few times to cooling down the smartphone and recover the enrgy of processor work again without generating heat and to avoid overheating of smartphone .

Use Smartphone In Cool Or Normal Environment :-

If you are in a hot environment then don't use smartphone for more time . You do only important work to avoid overheating .

Avoid Use Of  Backcover :-

When your smartphone start to overheating then first and necessary step you should follow that you remove the  Backcover of your smartphone .

Charger :-

Always use the charger that properly charging your smartphone not take the longer time to charge your smartphone and avoid the use of affected charger .

Use Of Inteernet :-

Turn off the internet , wi fi and Bluetooth connection when you not using these connection and when your smartphone get overheating to till it agaain cooled .

Avoid Background Running Application :-

You should keep only  those application to run that you using and you need to and stop the application and avoid the use of such application that run in the background such as security application , cleanner and battery booster etc.