The Arts stream is one of the traditional and most popular streams, which opens up a plethora of career prospects. The arts stream is broadly categorized into humanities, fine arts, visual arts, and performing arts. Arts encompass history, literature, philosophy, ancient and modern languages, law, religion, visual and performing arts (including music), and several more subjects. Most of the time, subjects that are considered social science subjects are intermingled with humanities, such as area studies, communication studies, cultural studies, and linguistics. The capability of excellent communication, precise writing, and understanding is always an advantage for individuals who wish to make a career in the field of arts. So just now we would lIke to suggest some best career opportunities for arts students after the 12th:-

Best Courses Available To Do Arts Students After 12th

     We listed some best options to set up a best career for those students who passed 12th with arts stream:-

1.    B . A.:-     B. A. stands for  Bachelor Of Arts which is a course of three or four years depending upon the country. Bachelor Of Arts awarded as an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, the sciences, or both.

 Bachelor Of Arts, Subjects Of Bachelor Of Arts, Courses On Bachelor Of Arts Etc.

2.   B. B. A.:-   B. B. A. Stands for Bachelor Of Business Administration which is three years course. B.B.A. is a most sought bachelor's degree program.  B.B.A. is also known as the most job-providing program.

 Bachelor Of Business Administration Eligibility Criteria, Core Topics, Syllabus, Jobs, And Employment Area For B.B.A.  

3.   B. F. A.:-      B. F. A. Stands for Bachelor Of Fine Arts  Which is a three years course. B.F.A. is an undergraduate Bachelor's degree course. B.F.A. degree in that the majority of the program consists of a practical studio component, as contrasted with lecture and discussion classes.

Bachelor Of Fine Arts Eligibility Criteria, Courses, And Careers.

4.  B. P. A.:-      B. P. A. Stands for Bachelor Of Public Administration. B. P . A. Is an undergraduate bachelor's degree in public administration that deals with the study of various theories of administration, public organization, public service, and constitutional framework.

     Bachelor Of Public Administration Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs.

5.   B. Arch.:-     The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA), is a 5-year degree program including a period of practical training prior to professional examination and registration.

     Bachelor Of Architecture Eligibility Criteria. Subjects And Jobs.

6.   Journalism And Mass Communication:-  This one is a job-oriented and ‘in demand’ course. The Media sector is going through a phase of immense growth.

     Journalism And Mass Communication Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, Employment Area    And Jobs.

7.  Hotel Management:- This one is also a job-oriented course! It is a no-nonsense course and trains students to take on managerial responsibilities in Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

      Hotel Management Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs.

8.  Event Management:-  Event Management is one such field where one can make it really big if one has the necessary skills and connections! Degree course in Event Management lasts 3 years.

     Event Management Course Details, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs. 

 9.  Graphic Designing:-   Graphic design is a vast field. There are areas of specialization within this field. And based on these specializations, there is a number of professional courses available too.

     Graphic Design Eligibility Criteria, Subjects s, And Jobs.

10.  Fashion Designing:-  Just like BFA, to thrive in the field of Fashion Designing, one must possess creativity! If you think you are creative and have a taste for fashion, this course is for you.
11.  Retail Management:-  Retail Management helps the customers to procure their desired merchandise from the retail stores for their end use refer to retail management. Retail management includes all the steps required to bring the customers into the store and fulfill their buying needs.

    Details About Retail Management, Eligibility Criteria, Course Subjects, And Jobs.

 12.  Law Course:-   If you want to be a lawyer then an LLB course for 3 years would be the best choice for you. You can also go for 5 years integrated course where along with a B.A. degree you also get an LLB.

    Law Course Details, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs.

 13.  Interior Designing:-  Interior designing involves creativity, imaginative and artistic skills to decorate an interior space according to client requirements and given theme.

    Interior Designing Details, Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs.

  14.  Political Science: -  This course involves the study of political history and political systems, both at national and international levels.

    Bachelor Of Arts in Political Science Eligibility Criteria, Subjects, And Jobs.
  15.    Foreign Language Course ( Translator ):-    Foreign language experts are required in all fields of industry and there is a wide range of careers available.

    Foreign Language Course Details, Eligibility Criteria, Courses, And Jobs