Journalism And Mass Communication :-

 Journalism And Mass Communication Or Bachelor Of Arts In Journalism And Mass Communication  is an undergraduate course in mass communication. Journalism And Mass Communication involve the transmission or exchange of information to large number of audience at a same time with the help of mass media like newspaper , television and Radio etc. Journalism And Mass Communication transmit the information by using a transmitter to large number of receiver .  Those students who compled journalism and communication course have opportunitiy to choose a career from various stages of media production. With an emphasis on the social and cultural impact of various media forms, this programme examines the technologies, practices and policies that drive modern media communications.

Eligibility Critria :-

◆ Those students who interested in journalism and mass communication must persue 10 +
 from a recognized board with any stream

◆ Students must obtain highest marks (minimum 50 % aggregate marks ) in 10 + 2  examination .
◆ Some Institutes or colleges take a entrance test before admission of students so students have to qualify in the entrance examination .

Subjects :-

Those students that are applied for journalism and mass communication course have to study the various subjects that are listed below :-
  • Fundamentals of Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • English Literature I
  • Reporting-Theory
  • Reporting-Practical
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Writing for Media-Theory
  • Writing for Media-Practical
  • Editing-Theory
  • Editing-Practical
  • English Literature II
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution
  • History of Media
  • Radio Broadcasting-Theory
  • Radio Broadcasting-Practical
  • TV Broadcasting-Theory
  • TV Broadcasting-Practical
  • Photojournalism-Theory
  • Photojournalism-Practical
  • Introduction to Cinema
  • Advertising-Theory
  • Advertising-Practical
  • Public Relations-Theory
  • Public Relations-Practical
  • Magazine Journalism-Theory
  • Magazine Journalism-Practical
  • Internet & New Media-Theory
  • Internet & New Media-Practical
  • Environment & Media
  • Media, Society & Development
  • Media Criticism
  • Basic Media Research
  • Information Society
  • Organizational Behaviour & Media Organization
  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Media Law & Ethic
  • Project

Employment Areas :-

 After completion of journalism and mass communication Course students can chose one out of the following employment areas provided below based on their interest :-
  • AIR - All India Radio
  • Circulation and Public Relations
  • Central Information Service
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Journals
  • News Agencies
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Photography Companies
  • TV Channels
  • Radio Telecasting Companies
  • Websites Periodicals and Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Books and Novels
  • Blogs
  • Broadcasting Corporation

Job Profiles :-

Journalism and mass communication course provide various types of jobs . After completion of journalism and mass communication course students have opportunities to setup their career by choosing any job profile provided below :-
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Photographer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Technical writer/writer
  • Producer/Associate Producer
  • Anchor
  • Transmission technician
  • Cameraman
  • Printing technician
  • Film Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Sound Mixer and Sound Recorder
  • Special Correspondent
  • TV Correspondent
  • Producer
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ
  • Screenwriter
  • Art Director
  • Editor
  • Event manager
  • Video Jockey
  • Fashion Photographer Cartoonist
  • Illustrator
  • Critic
  • Photojournalist

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 Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another. While this can be a difficult time, the results that you will achieve are worth all of the hard work that you will put in!