What Is Adware?

Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software package that automatically renders advertisements to generate revenue for its author. The advertisements may be in the user interface of the software or on a screen presented to the user during the installation process. The functions may be designed to analyze which Internet sites the user visits and to present advertising pertinent to the types of goods or services featured there.

The term adware is frequently used to describe a form of malware (malicious software) that presents unwanted advertisements to the user of a computer. The advertisements produced by adware are sometimes in the form of a pop-up or sometimes in an "unclosable window".Hence something we can define adware as a type of malicious software.
Basically Aware is used by developers to generate revenue. The adware threat to your computer is dependent on what has been coded into the advertising. In some cases, it’s simply an annoyance that produces pop-up ads. In other cases, the threat is more critical, because the ad has been coded to upload personal information from your computer, or to download information to your computer without your permission. Adware can be as simple as an annoying ad, or so serious your personal information is in jeapordy.

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Both spyware and adware install files on your computer without you knowing, giving you the ability to change advertising campaigns based on your personal surfing habits. Adware downloads to your computer usually involve tracking your movements on the net and collecting information about you. It’s like a huge survey of where users go and how long they stay. Put bluntly, it is an invasion of your privacy. That is why it is so important to detect adware and remove it immediately. When you remove adware from your system, you remove the ability of the advertiser to follow your movements on the internet.

Different Types Of Adware:-


SpyTrooper is one of the most recent computer threats roaming the internet. This program is considered malicious software and categorized as adware. It is particularly difficult to remove SpyTrooper without investing money into computer technicians or advanced security software. The program comes with no uninstall functions and inserts keys into the registry, meaning it must be manually removed from there.


DeskAd is considered to be malicious software, a destructive adware program that has infected several home users and many more businesses. It is packaged as ad-supported software that provides targeted advertisements. It starts off in a subtle fashion, functioning in stealth mode to avoid detection. Over time, it begins to seize control, making alterations to your web browser with additional buttons, toolbars, and links. DeskAd has been known to redirect a user's web requests to other locations on the internet, often sending them to sites compromised with malware.