Jio Telecom Network , Owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched jio 4G Featured phone on 21 July 2017 . Delivery of Jio 4G phone began now . Price of jio phone is 1500 Rs which is completely refundable . Jio will refund 1500 Rs after 3 year . Hence in starting it seemed that as1500 Rs will refund in 3 years . But now jio consider about new condition related to refund of 1500 Rs . According to the new condition Jio phone users who bought Jio 4G Phone must recharge more than 4500 Rs in three years .

At the time of launch of jio 4G phone , Reliance only said that the Jio Phone is “effectively free” as the paid amount will be refund in 3 years. During that time, the company did not put out any kind of condition on the device, on the price, or on the refund. However, we expected some information to be revealed right before the rollout of the Jio Phone.But now when over 6 million jio users booked jio featured phone and delivery of jio phone began then it published several conditions on its website. One of the points indicates that users who wish to return the feature phone before the scheduled end of 3 years, they have options for that too. Like we already said, if you actually want to keep the mobile and keep using it, you will have to purchase recharges on the Jio number with at least Rs 1,500 per year.

Terms And Conditions:

Jio collect Ammont of 1500 Rs at time of delivery of jio phone as security deposite .And 1500 Rs will refunded to user after 3 years . But jio published on official site of jio following terms and conditions for refunding the 1500 Rs :-

To get 1500 Rs refund user must use jio phone for 3 years carefully . And must recharge the jio no. with 153 Rs per month for 36 mothh ( 3 years ) and before 39 months. 1500 Rs per year and 4500 Rs in 3 years .Also, the phone will have to returned in a working condition with no damage. If users will not recharge according to this then users would not get 1500 Rs .

If user don't want to use jio phone then users have opption to return jio phone  as follows :-

●  If user return the jio phone within 0 - 12 months then 1500 Rs as well as GST will be  charged .

●  If user return the jio phone within 12 - 24 months then 1000 Rs as well as GST will be charged .

●  If user return the jio phone within 24 - 26 months then 500 Rs as well as GST  will be charged .

Users will not able to return jio phone in following conditions :-

◆  If he JioPhone is not damaged jio phone must be in working condition

◆  If user delete all data or other information of the user on the Jio Phone and purged    before returning the JioPhone .

◆  If the user removes the SIM card from the JioPhone before returning the jio phone .