Karwa Chauth got its name from two words 'Karwa' and 'Chauth' in which former means earthen oil lamp and later means four. Karwa Chauth is a ritual signifying the relationship between bride and a woman in her- in laws. After marriage, bride looks for a woman friend in her in laws house to share her emotions and problems. Karwa Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of Kartik month in Hindu calendar. It is mainly celebrated by the women of north India and north western India.

On Karwa Chauth day women go for fast from sunrise to moonrise for the welfare of their husbands. Punjabi women wake up early and eat before the sun rise. Generally they eat sargi which includes fenia. Uttar Pradesh women eat fenia with milk and sugar on festival eve day. This will help them to stay without water in the next day. Women apply henna and cosmetics on that day and don’t do any household work. In some places it is customary to exchange clay pots with gifts. Parents send gifts to their married daughters and their children. In the evening, women-only ceremony is held. An elderly women or a priest explains the stories of Karwa Chauth.

So all you busy husbands and wife, please find time to wish each other 'Happy Karwa Chauth' and celebrate the beautiful bond which God created. Make your partner feel wanted and get away from the myth that Karwa Chauth is only for women.

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Day Seems Long And Moon Doesn’T Show,
Thirsty And Hungry,
Yet On The Go Salute Indian Women ,
For Their Sacrifice And Love ,
 An Incarnation Of Goddesses From Heaven Above ,

Happy Karwachauth ..........

Sindhoor on forehead as a prayer for husband’s long life;
Mangal Sutra on the neck reminding her promise to be bound to him;
Mehndi application on hands to prove the depth of her love.
Let us all promise to respect and honour our wives at all times.

 Happy Karva Chauth !!!!!!!!!!!!

May this moon light flood your life with,
Happiness, Joy, Peace and Harmony,
A Dark Cloud Of Gloom Is Hovering My Heart,
Am Praying For Your Happiness and Long Life,
You Are Always In My Heart,
Missing You Very Much On This Karwa Chauth ,
On this Karwa Chauth, sending my heartfelt wishes you way.
May all your prayers for your husband's well being, be answered today and always.

 Happy Karwa Chauth .........

Look at the sky, can you see the moon?
Oh dear husband, come home soon.
A day of worship and marital bliss
Nothing in the world, can be pure than this.

Happy Karwachauth !!!!!!!!

I told my heart not to beat since u were filled in it,
It kept my word and stop the beat ,
Since the blood was passing through the heart,
The passes of each drop said ur name my love ,
Thanks for praying for me.

Happy Karva Chauth .......

Fast Taken By Wives.. For Well Being,
Longevity And Prosperity Of Husbands. 
Seeking His Blessings. 
May This Blissful Day Fills Your Life..
With Love And Happiness.

Happy Karwa Chauth !!!!!!!

May the Sindhoor, testify your prayers, 
For your husband’s long life.
The Mangal Sutra reminds you of, 
The promises that binds you ,
And the color of Mehndi, 
prove the depth of your love ,

Happy Karwa Chauth .......

 It’s a blessing being married to you,
Together we make such a great pair ,
On this auspicious Karwachauth day ,
I promise to love you and always be there ,

Wishing You Happy Karwa Chauth Better Half !!!!!!!

On This Blessed Night,
May The Jingling Of Churis,
Fill Your Life With Good Luck,
The Twinkling Of Payal,
Announce Your Love For Him,

HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH 2017 ........

When I say I love you, 
It doesn’t mean just 3 words of love,
It means I care for you, I trust you, 
I believe you, I miss you, 
Love sometimes changes some moment ,
And sometimes Whole Life! 

Happy Karwa Chauth…!!