As in an android smartphone Google Inc. ( an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products ) which provide many application as default and inbuilt applications. And till now Google did not stop adding more new applications. Now Google added " Device Health Services " the Pixel and Nexus battery app is headed there too. The app, named Device Health Services, is now showing up in the Play Store. Till now the Device Health Services application only comes pre-loaded on Nexus and Pixel devices, it will not work on smartphones launched by other brands. This application can also run in the oldest like nexus 5 handsets to be battery application.

Device Health Services is an improved version of the previous battery application which shows on the setting. And it is also the new feature available on Android's new version named Android Oreo. The battery application in setting shows statics about battery percentage and how long your phone’s battery will last based on your usage. Device Health Services helps in offering better statistics about battery usage on your device. Now you would able to do a few personalization options that allow you to show the battery percentage in the status bar, as well as optimize adaptive brightness. Now the new version  is1.0.2. According to features notes showing on the Play Store there are following improvement in the application:-
  • Model & infrastructure improvements
  • More models
  • Bug fixes
Device Health Services is currently not available around the whole world. This application is only available for download in the USA. Hence you can download the application only if you are from the USA. Unless, if you will reach a page which shows error.

After reviewing the application it seems that there are not most exciting changes from the previous version of the app. Furthermore, users who are using older devices still not able to receive the updated Oreo battery settings interface, suggesting only under-the-hood changes to make battery usage estimates more accurate. It seems that the Device Health Services is not an exciting update, But, it is another service that Google can now update independently of the operating system. That’s a win for everyone involved. And hey, maybe we’ll see some improvements soon like customizable battery icons and widgets.

If you are using a Nexus or Pixel device which running with Android 7.1 or higher version than Android 7.1, you would be able to see an update soon. You should keep in mind that this won't get you the improved battery screen from Oreo on Nougat, just improved 'time remaining' calculations for your battery usage.