Jio Telecom Network , which grown rapidly in telecom market because of its attractive free offers . Jio is offering unlimited data and unlimited voice call offers . Jio is also said that voice calling will completely free for lifetime  But now jio is limiting 300 minutes per day calling for some users . Jio is not still  not limiting the calling or all users only for those users whose are misusing the unlimited calling offer .

Jio started in the September 2016 and from starting jio is free unlimited calling for their users which are using jio . And in starting jio offered unlimited data and unlimited calling under jio welcome offer then users were using gigabites and gigabites per day data . So to stop this jio limited the unlimited data to 4 GB data per day under Jio Happy New Year Offer and offered unlimited calling . After ending of jio Happy New Year Offer jio limited the 4 GB data to 1 GB data perr day . But still jio was offering the unlimited calling .

From the beginning jio were saying that jio will offer unlimited free calling for lifetime because jio offers calling over data through VOLTE Network but some jio users were misusing the unlimited calling offer .

The Jio priority team states that they’re limiting the voice calls because some users are potentially misusing the unlimited voice calling scheme. For example, some users are making promotions by making calls on Jio network. This is an example given by Jio’s priority team executive. The team also states that some users were making over 10 hours of voice calls .

To stop these missuses by users jio took this step . So if you are the user that is not misusing the unlimited calling then don't worry there are no limit for you . While this move will help Jio stop the bad actors on its network, it also takes away the one unique advantage it had over its competitors. After Jio's competitive tariffs went live, rivals such as Airtel and Idea introduced new plans with affordable data and free voice call minutes. It seems Jio's decision to step back is going to close the gap further between its rivals.