In today's world there are surrounding of competition . So anyone who want to be live a happy life that must have a respective job and for getting a respective job person must clear a competitive examination . In every competitive examination many person apply for the examination and do preparation to clear examination but only those students who worked hard and smartly clears the competitive examination . So we provided below the some tips to clear the competitive examination :-

tips to ensure success in examination

Collect Informations About Syllabus And Subjects :-

First of all collect all the informations like syllabus , study material etc. related to your competitive exam :-

Before starting prepration or any planning you must collect information about our syllabus for the competitive exam. In almost all of competitive examinations Subjects such as Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, English and General Knowledge are common subjects . Nevertheless, the requirement of knowledge under each subject depends on the type of competitive exam that you are appearing for. For an instance, when you are appearing for a banking examination your general knowledge should be more in the banking sector.

After collecting all informations about subjects and syllabus of your competitive exam make a list of the books or study material you would be requiring for the exam. Study material for the areas like Verbal Abilities, Math and English should be collected.

Start Preparation Early :-

You must start the preparation for competitive examination as soon as possible .Most people wait until the announcement of the official date of the exam or some other landmark date to start preparing for the examination. People think that there is still time to rejoice in the wonders of life. But in reality, there is none. If you are serious about getting that Government Job there is no better time to start preparing than this very moment itself. Start off by organizing yourself first using our ‘Tips to manage time for exam preparation’ article.

If you start early than it much better for you.Starting early will help you to synchronize your 10+2 board exams with other competitive exams . If you start your prepration early then you will not feel too much pressure .What you have learned for the board exams is also going to apply for the various competitive examsThe subjects are the same so you have to understand the concept. Starting early will help you to dig deep into certain concepts which are very difficult to understand.I am saying this because competitive exams are different than board exams. Here they test aptitude of a student and not the knowledge.

Planning For Preparation :-

Make a strongest plan for your preparation . Decide upon a fool proof strategy that you can efficiently pursue and not one which is hypothetical at best. Stretch your limits in your plans and test yourself every day . Get a rough idea when these exams are conducted in a given year and calculate how much time is with you for your preparation.Studying till the last moment will only lead to stress and exhaustion. Before formulating your preparation strategy, chalk out the syllabus and measure your comfort level in individual section. Suppose you feel you are not good in reasoning or essay writing, divide your time table according to it and give extra time to these.

Change Your Habbit :-

Once you start preparation then forget about your friends till . Friends are the major distractions. If you are serious about competitive exams then you can’t afford to waste your time.I am not saying that you shouldn’t meet them altogether. You can meet only once a week for a small talk and not for chatting long hours and wasting your study time.You also need to change other habits like eating, sleeping, watching tv or playing with your smartphone.Eating less will help your brain to understand better. Don’t watch TV and sleep on time. Get rid of the TV noise blaring somewhere in the room, running errands in between studies, and people shouting in your ears. Of course, you cannot control all your family, but you may adjust your time table to study early in the morning or late at night when everyone else is quiet.

Never Study For Long Time Period :-

You should never study for long time , you must study for limited time with the short breakes .Because when you study for a limited time, it makes your brain work more efficiently. Most of the IITians report that they can cram much more a day before an exam than a regular day – which just confirms this particular research conclusion. Besides, it is believed that during study breaks, the mind absorbs information automatically, without any conscious effort on your part. Hence, for intense memorization sessions like when you are trying to learn dates and events, names of countries and their capitals, a foreign language or math formulae, you should not study for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a stretch.Also try to shuffle the subjects so that you do not get bored. You should try studying for at least 4 hours a day. Take time out for reading newspaper daily. 30 minutes for this would be sufficient, this will certainly help you prepare for your general awareness section.

Practice :-

Anything stut practice that as much as you can . it be mathematics or logical reasoning, if you are practicing an area regularly there are less chances of making a mistake. Dedicated hours on a daily basis will make you an expert in the given topics. However, if you are not practicing regularly, then you might make silly errors while working on those problems later on. Similarly, practicing your grammar and comprehension skills is also important. Do not leave any subject untouched for more than 3 days.

Highlight Important Or Difficult Topics :-

While studying different subjects you will find certain topics or concepts which  are very difficult to understand or the topics which are very important and they may need a revision .I recommend you to color those concepts in your book. This will help you to focus on those concepts later on once you have completed solving questions for an entire subject.Some concepts or ideas are so important that there will be questions asked related to them.Coloring or highlighting helps you to make a mental note of concepts that are very important because they constitute most of the questions in a given subject.

Release Pressure :-

During the examination students feels pressure on their mind , we recommend you not to stress so much when it comes to getting ready for an exam. We realize how crucial it is for you to ace an exam. But if you want to do well, don’t worry so much about it. Just study hard and do your best and we promise good results will show. And most importantly, make sure to keep yourself healthy and fit during such times. Don’t hang out with your friends too much or pay attention to things that will not help you do well. Instead, focus on studying.

Time Management :-

In the competitive examination one of most important point to note is time management .  One important reason for many students failing their exams is not being able to manage time effectively during the exam. If you are spending a lot more time on a question than you should, chances are you would have to leave a part of your question booklet completely unanswered. Effective Time management is the key to success and beat the exam stress. This post offer useful tips on how to manage time before and during the exam. So the Planning and managing your time when you're sitting an exam is very important. It's not difficult, and can definitely make a difference to your results.