Whatsapp a popular social network application , which connect people through messaging . Every users which uses wharsapp can send messages , images and video to their contacts , users can also join groups and can send message to whatsapp groups . Till now whatsapp provides the features only for personal or groups chatting but now whatsapp will provide the features for business person through whatsapp business application .

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whatsapp introduced whatsapp business as stand alone application

Matt Idema , Chief Operating Officer (COO) Of whatsapp said to  Street Journal that the company may charge businesses in the future but an exact model for that is not ready yet.The Wall Street Journal said late on Friday.

"We do intend on charging businesses in the future. We don't have the details of monetisation figured out," WhatsApp's Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema was quoted as saying :-

"WhatsApp Business" is different from the regular WhatsApp.According to report the service of whatsapp business application will be launched as an app called WhatsApp Business. To use the feature of whatsapp business users of WhatsApp need to register for WhatsApp Business with another mobile number.

Features Of Whatsapp Business Application :-

Firstly the logo of whatsapp has changed in whatsapp business application , in whatsapp business application the calling icon which is inside the conversation bubble is replaced by   ' B '. After downloading and installing the whatsapp business application when we openned the application it look like similar to current whatsapp application. Whatsapp business application have the same layout as the messaging platform with a search bar and Settings icon on top. There will be tabs for Calls, Chats and Status. Under the Settings option, you will see additions such as Business Settings and Statistics. From the Statistics option, you can see the number of messages those were sent, delivered, read and received as well.But in whatsapp business application there are more new features like chat migration, the creation of a Business Profile, Auto Responses and Analytics. The app will ask you the ‘Business Description’, ‘Website’, ‘Address’, and other things when you are creating the profile. You can add more than one website in the profile and the app asks you to ‘Choose a category’ for your business profile.

Reason Behind Introducing Whatsapp Business Application :-

In whatsapp messaging application there are not any advertisement shows on the application , because whatsapp don't monetize the application through any advertisement . Hence the whatsapp had not any way to generating revenue, And as we have given detailed discussion of Wall.Street Journal and Matt Idema above . According to discussion it is clear that whatsapp introduced the whatsapp business application  to generate revenue through monetizing the application or by charging the users for whatsapp business application .