Twitter which a popular social network and is most popular around the world. But still, Twitter is working for improvement on twitter and for making it more usable and attractive. A few days ago twitter doubled the character limit of a tweet posted by the user on Twitter. Now twitter also made an improvement for the user's display name. Twitter expanded the character limit for the display name of twitter, Now twitter extended more than double for the display name.

Previously, before the extension of more than double of character for display name users can set their display only till 20 character but now users can set their display name till 50 characters and can also use emojis on the display name. Hence extension is 10 characters more than double. The extension in character is similar to the improvement made by twitter on the extension of for tweet. Now users can publish a tweet to 280 characters, which is double than previous characters.

Since before this improvement, those users whose name is of large character were felt bad because they could not set their whole name as display name on twitter, So this is good news for these users and those users whose name was short they can use emojis on display name as they wish so that their display name looks good.

As per the improvement users can change their display name, not the username. Username and display names are different from each other. If you do not know about the difference between username and display name then I will tell you the difference between username and display name. Display Name is the name of the user set up by the user to display and Username is a unique word that is similar to the user's display name that appears in profile URL. It is usually also called as Twitter handle and is displayed as @XYZ. It's also used for logging in, replies, and Direct Messages while the display name is a personal identifier (like a real name) displayed on the profile page and used to identify a user.

How To Change Display Name On Twitter?

To change display you must log in to their twitter account then open your complete profile detail, here you will find the "edit profile " option by tapping on that you can change your display name. Here you can also change your more information like gender, location, etc.