As in these days there a large amount of useless and hateful posts available on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These posts irritate the users and affect the user's experience and developers get to worry about the security of users from such posts and improve the user's experience. But in the future, the number of such posts may decrease in comparison of these days because the developers of social platforms are working against these posts such as twitter enforced the new rules against the hateful content as well as violence and physical harm the micro-blogging site aims to curb hateful content. Similarly now Facebook took the step to penalize content that shamelessly begs people for engagement.

Facebook's developer today officially said that it will penalize those users that share such posts and also the owner of the Facebook page which involve such posts like posts that begs people for engagement or involve engagement bait and the posts that encourage users to like, comment, share and tag people in the comments section in order to gain wider visibility of their content. Their posts even other users don't want to do this. Below we provided some examples of such posts to make you understand easily:-

Share with friends to win a free trip, if you share this post you will get some good news unless some accident will happen with you, if you love someone for your loved one share this post or another post which includes promise etc. if you perform such tasks then content shared through engagement, ultimately helping the post, and the Page owner/author, grow its reach as users interact and it shows up on their friends’ Newsfeeds.

To make Facebook free from these posts Facebook is working on a new tweak to the Newsfeed algorithm will mean “stricter demotions” for Pages, and/or individuals, who adopt engagement bait tactics. Starting in a couple of weeks, offenders will have the total reach on all of their posts reduced if their content is begging or baiting users to interact.

Facebook has also been testing a new mechanism that would essentially divide the News Feed in two, splitting commercial posts from personal news, though this could simply be a way to get advertisers to pay more to have their posts appear in users’ personal News Feed.

Facebook said that “We will roll out this Page-level demotion over the course of several weeks to give publishers time to adapt and avoid inadvertently using engagement bait in their posts,”

This push to close down some of the spammier types of content follows a clampdown on sites with crappy web experiences — for example, those caked in advertising — and moves to weed out clickbait in multiple languages.

Facebook did specify that there are some exceptions to this clampdown, the clampdown itself is led by a machine learning model that the social network said has been fed “hundreds of thousands of posts” to detect different kinds of engagement bait.