Today , Google made an announcement that it is taking step for ending its high end smartphone argumented reality testing project which is known as tango on 1 march 2018 .After the development of AR Core google is planned for shuutting down the tango for contrating on the AR Core .

Tango is a high end smartphone argumented reality program which was developed by the Advanced Technology And Project division of the google. The program was developed on the 2014 . Project Tango was first attempt done by google to bring a smartphone's augmented-reality experience to the average user. With Tango Supported Smartphone's Users can do following tasks :-

Motion-tracking: using visual features of the environment, in combination with accelerometer and gyroscope data, to closely track the device's movements in space, Area learning: storing environment data in a map that can be re-used later, shared with other Tango devices, and enhanced with metadata such as notes, instructions, or points of interest , Depth perception: detecting distances, sizes, and surfaces in the environment.

Google developed the tango on 2014 . On 2015  in an interview about tango Lee said, "We're developing the hardware and software technologies to help everything and everyone understand precisely where they are, anywhere."
Google Also developed the two devices to demonstrate the tango platform , .the discontinued Peanut phone and the Yellowstone 7-inch tablet.On 2016 google partnership with the  smartphone manufacturer Lennovo . On 2017 google partnership with Asus .Hence two smartphones Lennovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone AR were manufactured with tango technology .But now google announced about shuutting down the Tango project on march 2018 .With the  development of AR Core .

The main reason behind shutting down the tango platform mau that for making the tango enabled smartphone manufacturer requires different sensors and specific hardware due to these requirements the phones with tango technology are too expansive. But now google developed Ar Core , which is a new augmented reality system. AR Core not requires specific sensors but only hardware attached to the main board .