The legal battle about 1.8 billion dollars which was between the vast expanse of rider , Uber and the self-driving unit of the alphabet, Waymo today reached at an important moment , because in this case, the judge issued a condemnatory letter based on the account of a former employee of Uber. The letter has alleged that within Uber, a special division that was responsible for the functions of corporate espionage, theft of trade secrets, the bribery of foreign officials and various means of illegal surveillance.

The letter which was written by Richard Jacobs's lawyer, who had previously worked as the manager of the recovery of global intelligence before being expelled in April. The highly detailed account comes under the allegations of illegal activity organized within the Uber's Strategic Services Group (SSG), which allegedly sought to stand on the surface of other companies' trade secrets, through stealth and data collection. The letter was alleged that some of the information gathered was given to then-CEO Travis Kalanick.

In a statement of Tech Catcher, an Uber spokesman said, "Even though we have not proven all the claims in this letter- and importantly, anybody related to Vaime - our new leadership has clarified that by going ahead we should be honest And compete fairly, on the strengths of our thoughts and techniques.

"The 37 page letter describes the tasks of the SSG and the Marketplace Analysts (MA) group, which "Merchandise secret clearly exists for the purpose of obtaining a competitive knowledge and codebase". It has also been alleged in the letter that the group used short-term encrypted chat app and "non-virtuoso" devices to keep proof of their actions.

The company is also alleged to be involved in physical monitoring, including wirelaps, so that the advantages or weaknesses of competitors can be discovered. The company "uses secret agents to collect intelligence information against taxi groups and local political figures. The agents took a ride in local taxis, littered around the places where the taxi drivers gathered, and the police and regulatory authorities Used contacts with local contacts. "The staff about the allegations of Jabak's human officers .

On November 29 email, Uber GC Tony West wrote, "There is no room for such kind of behavior or reciprocity. There is no need to follow the people around us to gain some competitive advantage. We are better than that. We will compete and we will win because our technique is better, our thoughts are better, and our people are better. " These allegations are sure to confuse the case of recovering the already unscrupulous business mystery in the case with Vaime.

At the end of November, the U.S. After the District Judge William Allos informed about the existence of the letters of Jacobs, the jury adjourned the trial one day before the selection began. The Legal team of Uber has referred this letter as "Strong Person" in nature; The company had compromised Yakub $ 4.5 million on his claims about the company's operation. Judge Allough disagreed with this feature, criticizing Uber's legal team, he did not tell the letter in the first place. The trial has been pending till February 2018 to give more time to the Vio legal team to investigate Yakub's claims.

In a statement, a Vaom spokesman told TechCrunch, "Uber has wrongly prevented Yakub Letter, who was ready to go both on the competition and to hide the evidence of bad acts, separate from the letter and separately, VoO has submitted important evidence that Leader of the Uri Yomi is using the stolen Waymo trade secrets, including copying facets of design, and for testing The Trial."