Whatsapp social networking application has rolled out the new feature known as " Private Reply " by mistake .Whatapp's "Private Reply " feature which is in beta v2.17.342 version now rolled for Windows phone users . This feature is currently under development and whatsapp did not want to roll out it but mistakenly it has roll out .So with private reply feature now those users who uses whatsapp in Windows phone are now able to send private text message to any member of a group without anyone else knowing about it.Their are more new exciting features that are under development and waiting for officially rolling out by whatsapp .Whatspp's person replied on this mistake that this feature was wrongly enabled by a developer of whatsapp so early .

As accordance of WABetaInfo ( A website that gives all official information related to whatsapp ) After rolling out the beta version of whatsapp v 2.17.342 for Windows phone in which private reply feature enabled , whatsapp again rolled out the beta version of whatsapp v 2.17.344 in which private reply feature was disabled by whatsapp. Whatsapp also confirmed that after completion of development of whatsapp's private reply feature whatsapp will roll out the whatsapp v 2.17.348 version in whatsapp's private reply will re - enabled .

How Whatsapp's "Private Reply " Feature Work ?

For sending a private text message to a member of a whatsapp group you must press the members name or nunber on your list and hold for few seconds . After pressing and holding the member's name or a option of Reply privately as pop down will be appear on display . After selecting this option you will be able to send private reply to selected member of group. Since as the currently this feature is under development and rolled out mistakenly so it have too much bug and private reply appeara on private chat instead of group chat . But after development this issue will be fixed and no longer available after officially rolling out of this feature in whatsapp v2.17.488 beta version of whatsapp for Windows Phone.

The latest version of whatsapp for Windows Phone also included several feature like a change in user-interface design for calls which is similar to the one on Android interface , the Quick Switch to video call, enabling users to switch from a voice call to a video call without interrupting the conversation etc. There are advance settings for whatsapp's group are also seen . As Earlier report from WABetaInfo we also found that Whatsapp is also planning to introducing for Web and desktop, picture-in-picture mode as well as tap to unblock feature for users as soon as possible.