On 31 December 2017 ,Sunday at occasion of new year eve celebrated by people around the world one of most important part of this celebration is people sends the new years wishes to their relatives through sms , greetings or through social applications . So during this celebration of new year ,you were busy making new year resolutions and celebrating the end of another year, WhatsApp suffered a massive global outage. At the stroke of midnight, the popular it stopped working for a lot of people around the world.WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved. Thousands of people reported that Whatsapp went down for almost two hours on Sunday, as people across the world exchanged messages welcoming the New Year.

The website DownDetector.co.uk reported a spike in outage reports around 6pm UK time. But by 7.30pm users were reporting that they were able to send and receive messages again.According to Down Detector, over 54 percent of users were facing a connection problem, while 27 per cent of the complaints were around receiving messages. Around 17 per cent of the issues were reported around log-in. On Twitter, the hashtag #WhatsAppDown is being shared extensively. WhatsApp users vented their frustration on social media and DownDetector.co.uk as they spent about 90 minutes without service.

One person wrote: "Not working for me in the UK. Refusing to connect with wi fi or 4G."

Another posted: "No connection in UK, London, anyone else also same problem?"

And an angry user wrote: "I swear WhatsApp is ALWAYS down on New year's Eve!"
One user wrote: 'Whatsapp not working in the uk!!! what's going on?'

Another said: 'Anyone else experiencing a whatsapp crash? i guess too many new year messages.'

Posting on Twitter another commented: 'Hello whatsapp is the only app on my phone rn and it's not working happy new year.'

One user wrote: "Messages won't deliver. Can't see when people have been online. This is my lifeline for my new year plans. I've had to go old school and text and ring people.

  One Twitter user wrote: "Nothing could've been better than whatsapp servers crashing on new year's eve £whatsappdown £WhatsApp"

Another wrote: "Retweet if you're checking Twitter to find out if WhatsApp is down £whatsappdown"

Another user said: "Open Whatsapp. Send message. Nothing. Airplane mode on. Airplane mode off. Nothing. Open twitter. See £whatsappDown. Find relief that it's not just me. £HappyNewYear2018."

The reason behind the outage was possibly because of heavy usage of the app to send in New Year greetings to family and friends. Users were able to send messages, but they were not getting delivered to the recipient, as it showed only one single grey tick and no blue tick even though the internet connection of both the sender and the receiver was working perfectly fine.

WhatsApp has now apologised for the disruption, with a spokesman saying 'WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved.
'We apologise for the inconvenience.'

WhatsApp is currently working now, and the team confirmed the server issue has been fixed. Note that it is possible that some outages may happen again in the next few hours, also if the worst is over." Although, there's no official statement if WhatsApp may experience service outage again or not.