Last week, The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s book which pronounced as ‘Exam Warriors’ was launched on Saturday by HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi.The book contains total 208 pages. In the  book25 important tips shared for students ,teachers and parents for preparation of examination . After the one week of launch of book PM Modi today attend " Pariksha Par Charcha " .

Mr. Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India met to the students of 10 th, 12 th standard students and also the college's Students through a session. The session held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. The whole session pronounced as " Pariksha Par Charcha " and the main purpose of this session was the " Making Exam Fun". As the examination of 10 th and 12 the, standard students are very near and students take the stress of examination, so the whole session organized to encourage the students for examination and attend the examination without any stress.

The whole program also shared live on YouTube due to everyone who connected to the internet could able to watch the whole program on Youtube. The live program was displayed on various colleges on projector through YouTube to there students. As per the report, we collected approximately 2000 college and school students attended the program. Also very large no. of students attended this program through video conference.All the details about the program already shared though following applications:- Narendra Modi Application and MyGov. application. Students had also chance to share their opinion through Twitter.By using these application students participated in program and students had the opportunity to ask their questions and to share their thoughts.

Highlights Of Narendra Modi's "Pariksha  Par Charcha " Live Session:-

Narendra Modi reached Talkatora stadium at 12: 05, comes out from the car and walked out from the car and watch the painting drawn by students.The various pictures related to release stress drawn by students.Then Javdekar, The Education Minister talks about PM Modi’s focus on innovation in education through research parks and higher education finance agencies.

Around12: 30 Narendra Modi started the question and answer session. And the Modi Ji started talking about " Swachh Bharat Abhiyan", also talked about the important role played by media in changing the face if campaign. Modi Ji also discussed that swachh Bharat is not a campaign of the government but also of the people of the nation.

First of all, before starting the questioning and answering session Narendra Modi consoled all students to ask anything they want and Narendra Modi also said, " feel free to ask their question and do not think that I am Prime Minister of India and ask a question to me as I am a friend, Today is my examination and all of you have to give a score me ."

As the program held for releasing the stress of students, so through the program students had the opportunity to ask their questions related to examination from Narendra Modi. Then Narendra Modi also answered the questions asked by students. Narendra Modi Ji also shared their explanation on IQ and EQ and various topics with examples in order to listener make it easy to understand that what Narendra Modi Ji is trying to explain. While asking the questions students also complained about their parents.

Modi Ji explained about their experience study when he was young. He explained how he studied pieces written by Swami Vivekanand and also discussed various philosophies.

PM Modi discussed bronze medal winner in the Snowboard Championship at South Korea’s Winter Olympics as inspiration for the student. Modi Ji said the champion suffered various fractures and also suffered from a coma for eleven months but was the life of his stop, No. He did not stop his practice and win the bronze medal.So students should not stop their effort and never give up.

 Modi Ji also explained language problem. As there are various no. of language across the country and students from different states speaks and understand a different language, but Modi Ji speaks only Hindi, so he apologised for this issue and requests the faculty members to voice over his speech to those particular students.

Modi Ji Discussed self-confidence concentration and focus on learning. He explained to synchronise the body, mind and soul to do so. He chose an example of " man ki Baat " attained by Sachin Tendulkar in which he explains about method how he concentrates on his cricket while playing. How he does not care about previous ball played by him and also do not care about next ball he only play the present ball through by baller.

Many students complained how their parents put pressure on them to score well on the examination.Then Modi Ji said, " Do you want that I will take a class of your parents ".He requested to students not to doubt the intentions of their parents and should understand that they make immense sacrifices for their children. How they don't buy their favourite things and save money to fulfil their child requirements.He also discussed those parents who want to achieve some goal but they didn't achieve them, So they want to achieve that goal through their children.

PM also discussed those parents who meet various relative and listen to the success of children of various relative then how parents think about their child that what their child did. Modi Ji suggested these parents do not compare their children with other but think about the ability of their child and develop these abilities.

Modi Ji explained how the Indian children have the ability as a politician from their birth. If any child wants to say something from their father to do, how they use their mother, sister, grandfather and grandmother for this.

Narendra Modi also talks about five elements of human body and their life. How students should use these five elements to keep refreshing themselves and stay connected with these elements.

Students asked Narendra Modi to explain the various positions of yoga to release stress then he explained the various importance of yoga.

Narendra Modi not only give suggestions for students but also for teachers to maintain contact between themselves and students. Also, try to understand students.

PM Modi recommended students to keep the focus on time management while preparing for an examination which is most important part of the examination. If a student learnt everything but it he has not able to manage time then the student would not able to attempt most questions during time even they know their answers. He said that students should realise their priorities and decide the things which are important for them to spend their time upon. Students should be flexible with their timetable, said PM Modi.

PM Modi also suggested maintaining two diaries. One for writing about what your activity you want to do during the day and in the other diary for writing what you did during the day. Compare both the diaries at the end of the month and see how they differ. This will help you learn your abilities, said PM Modi.