BSc. stands for Bachelor Of Science, it is one of most chosen course by students after persuing the 12 th standard examination with science stream from a recognized board. There are various courses under BSc. like BSc. Computer Science, BSc. Chemistry Honours, BSc. Non-Medical etc. BSc. Non-Medical is most chosen course by students in comparison to another BSc. Courses. Those students who choose Bsc. Non-Medical have to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. In order to get admission for BSc. Courses in any college students must score a good percentage in 12th standard examination from a recognized board. In order to get admission in a reputed college for BSc. Course students must qualify in entrance examination held by the college.

After completing Graduation course with BSc. , students have to choose a post graduation course for further education and set up their career. Most of the students select the master degree course with a particular subject without any knowledge or without comparing it with another course. As there are also rumor spread that there are not specific career scope after BSc. But all of these rumors are false. These type of rumors are spread by unsuccessful students who did not get success to evaluate all the possible career options available to them.

In reality, Science has often been termed as the stream of opportunities that offers immense prospects of employment and further education in a variety of fields including those dominated by the humanities students.Science is an internationally accepted applied discipline that deals with the study of nature and the universe as a whole.So for those students who completed theirs Under Graduation with BSc . and planning for choosing the best course for further education as their career based on their interest, we are providing complete information about various popular courses , graduates may choose one of them.

Types Of Bachelor Of Science ( BSc. ) Courses

 The students who pursued 10 + 2 examinations, there are various BSc. Courses available for them. These courses are classified as Common BSc. Courses and Job Oriented BSc. Courses as follows:-

Common Bachelor Of Science ( BSc. ) Courses:- 

Various BSc. Courses like:- B.Sc. PCM, B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.Sc. Maths, B.Sc. Statistics, B.Sc. Home Science may categorize under common BSc. courses.

Job Oriented Bachelor Of Science ( BSc. ) Courses:-  

Various BSc. courses like:- B.Sc. Actuarial Sciences, Agriculture, Animation, Aviation, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, compute actuarial, Electronic, Forensic Science, Forestry, Medical Technology, Microbiology, Multimedia, Nautical Science, Information Technology, Forestry, Interior design, Fashion design, etc. may categorize under job oriented BSc. courses.

Course After Bachelor Of Science ( BSc. )

There is a wide range of career opportunities available for graduates of BSc. , Graduates can choose courses with science streams as well as non-science courses like journalism, animation, computer technology, management, hospitality sector and many others based on their interest and their courses. Graduates can choose Master Degree courses at Post Graduate level.Those students who completed BSc. Course with a particular subject or a respective field they can choose postgraduate level degree program in their respective field or subject to pursue further studies.The complete information about various career opportunities after BSc. are as follows:-

Master Of Science ( MSc. )

Master Of Science ( MSc. ) is a post graduation level master degree program. MSc. is the obvious and logically, most recommended choice for those graduates who completed under graduation with B.Sc when it comes to Post Graduation level course.After completing  Master degree course with a specialized subject graduates have a lot of available choices for a doctorate, research and excellent employment opportunities for students.  After completing post-graduation level course with MSc. Graduates may also apply for NET and SET can set up their career as a professional teacher.

Master Of Business Administrative ( MBA )

Master Of Business Administration ( MBA ) is one of the most sought choices as an opportunity of career for graduates of every stream, Even if the graduates of B.Com. , B.A. or B.Sc. Because the increase in opportunities with MBA, many institutes have started offering MBA degrees with specialization in scientific domains like hospital management, laboratory management, and IT management that are ideal for B.Sc graduates.

Master Of Computer Application ( MCA )

Master Of Computer Application ( MCA ) and Information oom dominating Indian economy, computer applications, and IT industry is a most effective career option available to B.Sc degree holders. For students who want to pursue their higher studies in this domain, MCA is an ideal academic programme.The MCA program is designed for students with a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, such as commerce and science, focusing in the field of IT.

Bachelor Of Education ( B. Ed. )

Bachelor Of Education ( B. Ed. ) is the best option to set up the career for the graduates who want to be a professional teacher. B.Ed. is designed for graduates, who have the keen interest to be expert teachers, B.Ed degree would be a best and proven choice for further studies in teaching sector. B.Ed degree coaches the students into different and unique pedagogy techniques that aid them in improving their teaching.

Technical Short Term Courses

Those B.Sc graduates who have interest I the technical sector and looking for developing skill-based educational opportunity can choose one out of various short-term courses like SAP, JAVA, SQL, NET, financial accounting, PGDM, and others.


Engineering is another most popular, recommended and the most conventional fields for students of science stream.Students have the opportunities to choose a particular domain in a particular section based on their interest in Computer Science, Mechanical Electronics, Communications, Civil, etc.

Ethical Hacking

Students can become the expert in computer and networking system by choosing a course of ethical hacking.Ethical Hackers are the computer and networking, who systematically and with company’s permission attempts to penetrate the computer system to find security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit.


Aviation gives opportunities to students for flying the airplanes by becoming a professional pilot.The duration for completion of course in order to get Certificate Professional Pilot includes the19-24 months.Other licenses which can be obtained are Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Pilot License, and Commercial Pilot License. Duration is around 3 years and DGCA approved.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy gives the opportunity to students for work at international level. Merchant Navy can also be considered as the backbone of international trade. After completing the course, students work on ships over sea and deals with the transport of commercial items via sea route across the world through riding on ship.

Defense Services 

Combine Defense Service ( CDS )
Combined Defence Service  ( CDS ) is an examination conducted by UPSC two times year for an entry to Indian Military Academy/Naval Academy/Air Force Academy/Officer’s Training Academy . In order to apply for CDS aspirant must have the age limit of 19-25 yrs.

Civil Service

Under the Civil Services exams are conducted every year for selection of aspirants for various post of IAS, IPS, IRS, etc. In order to apply for Civil Service examination Age limit of aspirant must lie between 21-30 yrs.

Special Class Railway Apprentice ( SCRA )

Special Class Railway Apprentice ( SCRA ) is a competitive level examination which is conducted by UPSC.  In order to apply for Special Class Railway Apprentice examination Age limit of aspirant must lie between 17-21 yrs.

 Employment Areas

B.Sc graduates can look for lucrative employment opportunities in the following sectors depending upon their interest and specialization subject:

◆  Health Care Providers
◆  Space Research Institutes
◆  Agriculture Industry
◆  Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry
◆  Oil Industry
◆  Testing Laboratories
◆  Research Firms
◆   Forensic Crime Research
◆   Forest Services
◆   Educational Institutes
◆  Industrial Laboratories
◆   Wastewater Plants
◆   Wildlife and Fishery Departments
◆  Aquariums
◆  Seed and Nursery Companies
◆   Hospitals
◆  Environmental Management and Conservation
◆  Biotechnology Firms
◆  Food Institutes
◆  Chemical Industry
◆  Geological Survey Departments