SSC has announced recruitment for 3259 posts of Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Postal / Shorting Assistant ( PSA ) and Data Entry Operator ( DEO). Examination duration of SSC CHSL Tier examination is 4 March 2018 to 26 March 2018. Admit Card Of that candidate who applied for examination are uploaded on Region wise official website of SSC.  For those students who applied for SSC CHSL examination, in this article we are providing the complete syllabus and best preparation method for General Awareness.

History Of India

General Knowledge is a compulsory and important component of SSC CHSL 10 + 2 level exam. Generally, its questions can be divided into three parts - (i) ancient history (ii) medieval history and (iii) modern history. In ancient history, incidents from the earliest to the beginning of the 12th century are included. In the medieval history, events from the beginning of the Delhi kingdom include the events of the arrival of European powers, whereas in modern history, freedom movement, national movement, Describe the events related to the partition of the nation and the establishment of an independent nation included.


In the last few years of the SSC examination, 6-7 questions have been asked about geography. These questions are related to both the world geography and India geography. Under this, questions related to the universe, the solar system, earth, various geographical conditions, climate ocean, forest distribution, water and energy resources, agricultural system and nature, natural disasters, atmospherics and human resources etc. are asked.
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Indian Polity

The Indian political system is also an essential component of general knowledge question paper. The questions related to this subject are related to the creation, draft and nature of the Indian Constitution, the executive, the judiciary, Panchayati Raj, the election process, the president and the governor, the constitutional amendment and other constitutional organizations. Apart from this, the questions related to the Union and state's governance system, purview and rights are also asked under his subject.

Indian Economy

The economy is, however, an essential component of general knowledge question paper, but its significance increases even in the context of the SSC CHSL (10 + 2) exam. As the last 2-3 years, the number of questions in this subject has been increased in the paper of this examination. Under this exam, the structure and form of Indian economy, planning, currency and share markets, banking ,national income, tax and revenue structure, payment balance, international trade and commerce, finance commission, national budget, various financial institutions, poverty and unemployment and their Questions related to work and plans for excavation are asked, are they? In the last 2-3 years, the questions related to the fundamental principles of economics have also been included in this examination.
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General Science

General science refers to the practical side of the fundamental principles of various branches of science. In general, questions related to the concepts of physical, chemical and biological underlying are asked whose correct answers can be expected from an educated person. In this examination 15 -16 questions are asked from this part and these questions are associated with daily life and practical events. Questions related to the underlying human anatomy are also asked.

Miscellaneous Facts And Figures

The area of this component of general knowledge is very broad, detailed and uncertain. It is very difficult to define it in a definite definition. In the context of World and National, it is important to mention the major figures, places, events, issues, writers and their books, awards, research, important and latest inventions, important days, different countries of the world, their capital, currency, king, etc. Questions related to this are asked. The facts related to sports and cinema are also included in this.

Environment And Ecology

This section is a compulsory and important component of common sense. Initially, its questions were included under Geography, but now it has been incorporated as a separate subject. Under this, there are questions related to the environment, ecosystem, pollution, global warming, ozone degradation, biodiversity etc. In addition to this, questions related to the citron, food and diet chain are also asked.