After the cut off of the University of Delhi will be released , students will have to make selection of college and course online. They must log in with the registered email on the graduate enrollment portal. There will be an application form generate by selecting course and college. Actually, the DU has released information about the admission process. It can be understood step by step. It is notable that the first cut off of DU will be released on June 19.

Information related to admission process.

1. After the cut off will be released , the student will have to choose college and course with the help of e-mail ID and password  by logging in on the admission portal.

2. The college will have to go through print out of the admission form and required documents.

3. Students will have to reach the campus with the second set of photocopies of a original and self-verified document.

4. UG will approve college admission on the portal. After which, the online fee will be paid by logging on to the portal.

5. The administration advises that to avoid trouble, do not wait for the last time for online admission and fee payment.

6. Students will have to keep in mind that only after the payment of fees the college will ensure the admission of the student.

7. After the cancellation of admission, they will have to print out the slip of the cancellation fee. Which must be deposited in college. From where he wants to withdraw his original document.

8. If there is an additional payment of fees in any college then the rest will be transferred to the student's account.