Once a British Colony , Now a space power - India to launch two British satellites on 16 September 2018. Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) is gearing up for a full - fledge commercial launch on Sunday , September 16th.

 On 16 September the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle - C42 ( PSLV - C42 ) will lift off with two British Satellites from the Shriharikota launchpad . The two UK Satellites - Novasar and S - 14 . For weighing 450 kilogram each will be the main payload.

As their will be no indian satellite . Britain will use these Satellites for earth observation purpose .

While talking with Times Of India ( TOI ) on mainly ISRO's chairman K Sivan said, " it will be full - fledge commercial launch . However it this will not be the first time ISRO is going for the commercial launch. "

ISRO has already successfully launched 237 foreign Satellite belongs from 28 countries . By launching these two Satellites ISRO will mark 239th foriegn satellite launch. ISRO has also made record of launching 104 Satellites together . Out of 104 Satellites only 3 Satellites were indian and 101 Satellites from foriegn countries.

On 23rd april 2007 , the ISRO launched a rocket solely for commercial purpose its PSLV - CA carried Italy's astronaumical Satellite AGILE as the main payload . It was the first foreign country's commercial satellite launch .

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On july 10th 2015 ISRO launched another foreign commercial satellite . This time ISRO's PSLV - XL lifted off five UK Satellites and carried out heaviest commercial weight 1,439 kg mission successfully .

ISRO launching the more and more commercial Satellites . By launching the more Satellites ISRO wish to achieve the Lion's share of global market. Unfortunately ISRO still holds a miniscule 0.6% share in global satellite launch market which is estimated to be worth thirty six thousand crore indian rupees.

The ELON Musk's owned US private space agency SpaceX have highest 60% share in this year . The US Government space agency NASA and SpaceX together capture over 65% gloabal satellite launch market share followed by European Space agency  Arianspace.

In 2013 SpaceX had 5% share in the commercial satellite launch market and continued to grow and gobbled up 45% share in 2017. This year SpaceX eat up 60% global satellite launch market share on the basis its low prices and reusable rocket technology.