Day by day more students are getting education to setup their bright future . But in order to setup a bright future students have to appear and qualify the competitive . As the no. of students appearing for competitive exams is increasing so the level of competitive exam is becoming tough . Let's we discuss about the most toughest examinations in the world :-

12.  IES - India Engineering Service

A four stage competitive exam is held in India , all over the country, which comprises of six tests. The two part contain written tests last for a period of 12 hours after which there is a personality test. The president of india himself appoints the selected candidates to the group a category.

11.  LNAT - National Admissions Test of Law

This test in the UK is an aptitude test for main law universities. Initially started as a filtering agent to be able to select the best from the best among home students. This test is now applicable even to foreign students. Each applicant is given two hours and a quarter to complete an essay and 42 MCQ's to test the reading and logical reasoning skills. The reading part contains a passage from which one has to answer ten sets of papers and for the essay part a student is given 40 minutes and the topic is generally a student related topic.

10. CCIE -  Cisco Certified Inter - Marketing Expert

Through this exam Cisco systems certify the skills of the ones selected in the exam of planning , operatinf, troubleshooting tough network facilities. Now qualifyng for this examnation is not an easy task at all.  According to Cisco out of all the engipeers appearing for this test. Only 3% students are selected and certified. The candidates have to go through two step exam, of whch the first part is a written test lastng for two hours with 90 to 110 questions. One requires to pay $350 for registration of the first half and thevgood part about this half is that the results are immediately declared the candidate has passed or not.

9. GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering

This all india examination tests . The engineering students appear the examination on their knowledge of engineering and various fields of science.The GATE score opens doors for post graduate studies in the field of science to prestigious universities . Because gate is held jointly by the Indian Institute Of Science and the seven IIT's in the country. The exam consists of a single paper lasting for three hours where a student has to answer both MCQ's and numerical . From 2014 , keeping  in mind the students convenience. The tests will be now carried out online where questions are arranged in a random sequence. the GATE score is valid for two years from the time the results are announced.

8.  GAOKAO or NCEE - National College Entrance Exam

This exam in China is also known as the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. every student in the country has to appear for this exam. As it is the main requirement to get into higher studies. Every chinese teenagers life and future is dependent on this exam .Because, students have to appear for this to get admitted to undergraduate courses. Every senior high school student goes through a tough phase during this exam.

7. JEE - Joint Entrance Examination

IIT needs no introduction. It is the best engineering institute in the country. Students spend years for preparing for this entrance. Because IIT's in India are not just colleges. They are a status! Out of every 5,00,000 students appearing for this exam . Only a handful of 10,000 get selected every year. The exam is divided into two papers of three hours each. Both of which are objective. Students who do not get through the exam in the first attempt make repeated attempts. Dropping years and many of them even get admitted to prestigious colleges like harvard. MIT and many more. Such is the  toughness and standard of the IIT JEE.

6. UPSC - Union Public Service Commission

This is India's central agency that holds all the important examinations to recruit top notch government officials in the country. It conducts the Civil Services Exam, Combined Defence Services Exam, Indian Statistical Service Examination and lots more. The exceptionally bright students who have cleared CAT and IIT JEE, they too find UPSC a tough platform to compete on. Even IAS officers are selected  through UPSC exams.


It is the oldest and largest highest IQ society on the world. A non profit organization where people who score 98 percentile in the standardized IQ tests are considered to be low rankers. MENSA has branches all over the world. The best thing about MENSA is that there is no age bar. People can take the test in any age. The youngest member in MENSA is all of  two years now.

4. GRE - Graduate Record Examination

GRE as we all know is like the entrance test for most schools in the states. It is held both online and on paper. For the computer based online exam. There are six different sections containing analytical writing sections, verbal reasoning sections, quantitative reasoning sections and research section. The paper based test is available only to areas where conducting online tests is not possible. Most graduate schools in the USA require the GRE score as their prereouisite score for admission.

3. CFA :- Chartered Financial Analyst

The CFA is not an academic degree. It is a professional stature. The wall street journal termed the CFA test as the toughest test in the world. Less than one-fifth of the applicants pass each year and most of them attempt for the CFA repeatedly. For this charter., applicants have to appear for three stages of exams. The first two stages contain MCQ format tests and the third one consists of essay type subjective questions. Along with few more MCQ's

2. All Souls Price Fellowship Examination

As we draw to the near end of the list. The exams keep getting tougher. This fellowship exam held at Oxford universities all souls college is one of the toughest exams in the world. until 2010, students were required to write a long essay about one word given in one of the papers. Only two fellows are selected every year from all the students appearing for the exam. So you can understand the level of toughness of this exam. The exam consists of four papers. Each of which last for three hours.

1. Master Sommelier Diploma Examination

This is till date hailed as the world's toughest examination. One does not have any idea as to  how selective the authorities can get while selecting candidates. The exam was first taken 40 years ago in the UK and since then only 200 candidates have been selected on the basis of this exam. On an average. Every candidate appears for this exam at least for 2 - 3
 times before getting selected. Most of the students pass the first two sections and fail badly in the third one and thus have to repeat that section again next year.