The deadly Coronavirus emerging from China has spread to over 150 countries. For most people the disease is mild, but some people die. Here is what happens when it attacks the body.

How Coronavirus Affects Human Body

Coronavirus affects the human body in four stages. The five-stage explained below:

Incubation Period Stage

The first is the incubation period, the period when the coronavirus is establishing itself. COVID - 19 works by getting inside your body through mouth, nose, eyes or ears. It slowly starts hijacking cells of your body.

It first affects the cells present in the thing of your throat, then it moves in towards airways and lungs, slowly turning them into factories of Coronavirus. At this early stage, you may not feel sick as some people won't develop symptoms.

The incubation period is the time between the coronavirus entering your body and when the first symptoms appear. It is mostly for five days.

Mild Disease Stage

During the next phase, it is a mild disease. All of the people with the infection will experience mild disease. The core symptoms after the incubation period are fever and cough. Body aches, sore throat, and headaches are also possible in some people. You start feeling fever and grotty. This is the result of your immune system responding to the virus.
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The cough initially is dry as the coronavirus is slowly irritating your cells, slowly for some people, a thick mucus starts appearing along with cough. This mucus is basically dead lung skins, which are killed by the virus. This stage lasts about a week. At this point, most people recover as their immune system has fought off the virus. However, people with weak immunities will develop a more serious infection.

Severe Disease Stage

In severe disease overreacting to the virus. The chemicals in your body signal the immune system causing inflammation, there is collateral damage throughout the body of the patient. the virus actually triggers an imbalance in the response of the immune system. Inflammation in the lung is known as the Pneumonia.

Due to this, the tiny air sacs in your lungs start to fill with water, which causes difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. At this stage, some people need a ventilator to help them breathe.

Critical Disease Stage

The last stage is the Critical Disease stage. It is reported that 6 percent of the total cases becomes critically ill. At this point, the body starts to give up, the body starts failing and there is a huge chance of death.

The immune system at this point goes out of control and it causes severe damage to the body. This can lead to septic shock when blood pressure drops drastically and the organs stop working, leading to organ failure. Acute respiratory distress syndrome steps in at this stage. It is caused by the widespread inflammation inside the lungs.

This stops the body from getting the required oxygen needed to survive. It also stops the kidneys from cleaning the blood, which leads to damage to the intestines and lining of the gut.
At this stage, the almost wins, as it's set up of causing a huge degree of inflammation is successful. At this point, the immune system cannot get on top of the virus, the damage to the body at this stage is so high, that the body can no longer survive.

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