As the 21 days, lockdown in India was going to end today, and 21 days lockdown proved effective to avert the spread of coronavirus to a large extent. But the cases of coronavirus in India is still increasing day by day. Many cities converted into hotspots for coronavirus. After the discussion with the Chief Minister's of different states, PM Modi extended the lockdown in India till 3 May.

Brief Of PM Modi Speech

India's fight against Corona global epidemic is moving very strongly. Because of your penance, your sacrifice, India has, so far, been able to avert to a large extent, the damage caused by Corona: PM

I know how much trouble you have had. Some people have trouble eating, some have trouble moving, some are away from family: PM

But for the sake of the country, you are performing your duties like a disciplined soldier. This is what the Constitution of India has said about the power of our people: PM

On the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, this demonstration of our collective strength on behalf of the people of India, this resolve, is a true tribute to him; PM

In this time of lockdown, the way the people of the country are following the rules, The kind of spontaneity we are celebrating by staying in their homes is very admirable: PM

Today, you know the state of Corona global epidemic in the whole world. Compared to other countries, how India tried to stop the infection here, you have been its partner and also witness: PM

When we had only 550 cases of Corona here, then India had taken a big step for the complete lockdown of 21 days. India did not wait for the problem to escalate, but as soon as the problem appeared, it took a quick decision and tried to stop it at the same time: PM

Had India not adopted a holistic approach, integrated approach, and not taken fast decisions, the situation of India would have been different. But it is clear from the experiences of the past that the path we have chosen is correct: PM

If we just look at it from an economic point of view, it seems expensive now but in front of the life of Indians, there can be no comparison. Amid limited resources, the path that India has followed, that route is being discussed all over the world today: PM

Amidst all these efforts, the way the corona is spreading has made health experts and governments worldwide more alert. In India too, I have talked continuously with the states about how the fight against Corona now progresses: PM

Everyone suggests that lockdown be increased. Many states have already decided to increase lockdown. Friends, keeping in mind all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockdown in India will now have to be increased till May 3: PM

That is, till May 3, all of us, every countryman will have to remain in lockdown. During this time, we have to follow the discipline in the same way as we have been doing: PM

My request to all my countrymen is that now Corona does not allow us to spread to new areas at any cost. If even a single patient grows at the local level then this should be a matter of concern for us: PM

So we have to be very careful about hotspots. We will have to keep a close watch on the places which are expected to be converted into hotspots, the formation of new hotspots will further challenge our hard work and our austerity: PM

The fight against Corona will be further increased in the next week. By 20 April, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be tested, how much lockdown is being followed, how much that area has saved itself from Corona, it will be seen: PM

Areas that will be successful in this ordeal, which will not be in the hotspot, and whose chances of changing into the hotspot will be less, some important activities may be allowed from April 20: PM

Therefore, neither do any negligence nor let anyone else be negligent. Tomorrow, a detailed guideline will be issued by the government in this regard: PM

Those who earn daily, meet their needs with daily income, they are my family. One of my top priorities is to reduce the difficulty in their lives: PM

Now his interests have been taken care of even while creating new guidelines. At this time the work of harvesting of rabi crops is also going on. The central government and the state governments, together, are trying to minimize the problems to the farmers: PM

We are moving fast on the health infrastructure front as well. While we had only one lab in January to test Corona, now more than 220 labs are being tested: PM

Today in India we have arranged more than one lakh beds. Not only this, but there are also more than 600 such hospitals, which are working only for the treatment of Kovid. These features are being increased rapidly: PM

Today India may have limited resources, but I have a special request to the young scientists of India that for the welfare of the world, for human welfare, Come forward, take the initiative to make Corona vaccine: PM

We will keep patience, follow the rules and we will be able to defeat the epidemic like Corona. At the end with this belief, today I am seeking your support in 7 things:

First thing- take special care of the elders of your home- especially those who have a chronic illness, we have to take extra care for them, they have to be very safe from corona: PM

Second Things- follow the Laxman Rekha of Lockdown and Social Distancing completely, use the face-cover or mask made mandatory: PM

Third thing - to increase your immunity, follow the instructions given by the Ministry of AYUSH, hot water, decoction, and consume them continuously: PM

Fourth thing - to help prevent the spread of corona infection, definitely download the Arogya Setu Mobile App. Inspire others to download this app: PM

Fifth thing - look after as many poor families as possible, fulfill their food needs: PM

Sixth thing- you should work with people in your business, your industry, have compassion for people, do not remove anyone from your job: PM

Seventh thing- pay full respect to the Corona warriors of the country, our doctors- nurses, scavengers and policemen: PM

Follow the rules of lockdown with full devotion until May 3, stay where you are- "Wayam Rashtreya Jagrayam ”, we will keep the nation alive and awake: PM

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