During the Coronavirus crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the nation. PM Modi announced an economic package of 20 lakh crores. PM Modi also said that the lockdown will continue after May 17. This lockdown will continue with the new rules. Lockdown-4.0 based on the suggestion of the states. He said that the rules of the fourth round of lockdown will be given before May 18. Let us know in detail today's address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the nation.

Detailed information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the nation:

Greetings to all the citizens, the world is now getting more than four months in the fight against corona infection: PM

Friends, a virus has destroyed the world. Crores of lives around the world are facing a crisis. The whole world is in the battle to save lives: PM

But tired, losing, shattering, a human is not acceptable. Being alert, following all the rules of such war, now we have to escape and to proceed further: PM

When we look at these two periods from India's perspective, then it seems that the 21st century belongs to India, it is not our dream, it is the responsibility of all of us: PM

Today's situation in the world teaches us that its path is the same - "Self-reliant India": PM

As a nation today we stand at a very important juncture. Such a big disaster has brought a signal to India, has brought a message, has brought an opportunity: PM

When the Corona crisis started, there was not a single PPE kit in India. The N-95 masks were nominally produced in India. Today the situation is that 2 lakh PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks are being made in India every day: PM

India's fundamental thinking, a ray of hope is seen in front of the world. The culture of India, the rites of India, speak of the self-sufficiency whose soul is "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam": PM

India does not advocate autism when it comes to self-reliance. India's self-reliance concerns the happiness, cooperation and peace of the world: PM

The culture that considers the Earth as a mother, that Bharatbhoomi, when it becomes self-sufficient, then also ensures the possibility of a happy-rich world: PM

India's progress has always contained the progress of the world. India's goals impact, India's actions impact world welfare: PM

When India is free from open defecation, the picture of the world changes. Be it TB, malnutrition, polio, India's campaigns affect the world: PM

International Solar Alliance is India's gift against Global warming. "International Yoga Day" initiative is India's gift to relieve stress from human life: PM

Today, India's medicines reach new hope in the world fighting for life and death. These steps bring praise to India across the world, so every Indian is proud: PM

The world is beginning to believe that India can do very well, can give a lot of good for the welfare of mankind.

The question is - how?

There is also an answer to this question - 130 crore citizens resolve self-reliant India: PM

Today we have the resources, we have the ability, we have the best talent in the world, we will make the best products, improve our quality, we will make the supply chain more modern, we can do this and we will definitely: PM

This is the determination power of us Indians. If we are determined then no goal is impossible, no path is difficult. And today there is a will, there is a way. This is to make India self-reliant: PM

This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five Pillars.

First Pillar - Economy:

An economy that brings Quantum Jump rather than Incremental change

Second Pillar - Infrastructure:

An infrastructure that becomes the identity of modern India

Third Pillar - Our System:

A system that is based on the technology-driven systems that fulfill the dreams of the 21st century, not the policy of the past century

Fourth Pillar - Our Demography:

Our Vibrant Demography is our strength in the world's largest democracy, our energy source for self-reliant India

Fifth Pillar-Demand:

The cycle of demand and supply chain in our economy, the power that needs to be harnessed to its full potential: PM

Facing the Corona Crisis, I am announcing today a special economic package with a new resolution. This economic package will serve as an important link for 'Self-reliant India campaign': PM

Recently, the economic announcements made by the government related to the Corona crisis, which was the decisions of the Reserve Bank, and the economic package that is being announced today, it is about 20 lakh crores. This package is about 10 percent of India's GDP: PM

Through all this, various sections of the country, the links of the economic system, will get the support of 20 lakh crore rupees. This package of 20 lakh crore rupees will give a new impetus to the development journey of the country in 2020, the self-reliant India campaign: PM

To prove the resolve of self-reliant India, Land, Labor, Liquidity and Laws have all been emphasized in this package: PM

This economic package is for our cottage industry, home industry, our small-scale industry, our MSME, which is the source of livelihood of crores of people, which is the strong foundation of our resolve for self-reliant India: PM

This economic package is for that laborer of the country, for that farmer of the country who is working day and night for the nation in every situation, every season. This economic package is for the middle class of our country, which pays taxes honestly, contributes to the development of the country: PM

You have also experienced that due to the reforms that took place in the last 6 years, today even in this time of crisis, India's systems have looked more efficient: PM

Now that scope of reforms has to be broadened, new height has to be given. These reforms will be in the entire supply chain related to farming so that the farmer is also empowered and will have the least impact on agriculture in any other crisis like corona in the future. Only possible with self-reliance, self-confidence. Self-reliance also prepares the country for competition in the global supply chain: PM

This crisis is so big, that the biggest systems have been shaken. But in the same circumstances, the country has also seen the struggle-power and restraint power of our poor brothers and sisters: PM

From today, every Indian has to become 'Vocal' for their local, not only to buy local products but also to promote them. I am confident that our country can do this: PM

The fourth phase of Lockdown, Lockdown-4, will be completely redesigned, with new rules. Based on the suggestions we are getting from the states, information related to Lockdown-4 will also be given to you before May 18: PM

Self-reliance, along with giving us happiness and satisfaction, also empowers us. Our responsibility to make the 21st century of India will be fulfilled by the pledge of self-reliant India. This responsibility will get energy only from the self-confidence of 130 crore citizens: P.M.

This era of self-reliant India will be a new festival for every Indian. Now we have to move forward with new self-confidence, a new determination: P.M.