India Plans Its Own Space Station

India will establish its space station in space by 2029. Recently, the Indian Space Research Organization announced this. After all, what would India benefit from establishing its space station in space? How many space stations are working in space right now? What is the space station? Let's try to find the answers to these questions.

What Is Space Station?

A space station is a spacecraft. There are many types of experiments done by astronauts. It can stay in space for a long time. Another spacecraft can also connect to the space station. Right now the International Space Station (ISS) is the most popular. It was established in space in 1998. It stays in the lower orbit of the earth and bites around. It can also be seen with naked eyes. The Indian space station will be established at an altitude of 400 km from the Earth. In this, astronauts will be able to stay for 15 to 20 days. ISRO chief K Sivan announced that India's proposed space station would weigh about 20 tonnes.

Right now two space stations are operating in space. One of these is being operated in collaboration with the US, Russia, the European Union, and Japan, this is called an International Space Station (ISS). The second space station is from China. Its name is "Tiangong-2". However, the ISS itself is fully active.

Advantages Of Having Own Space Station

The space station will be beneficial for India in many ways. This will increase India's ability to monitor not only in space but also on Earth. Indian scientists will be able to do many types of experiments at this station. Their results can be widely used. India will be able to get good quality pictures with the camera installed in the space station. India can easily see what they want to see.

With the help of the space station, India can easily keep an eye on its enemy countries. With this, there will be no need to launch the spy satellite repeatedly in space. This will also reduce expenses. The important thing is that this will increase India's strength as a space power in the world. The construction of the space station will also provide employment to 15 thousand people.

Space scientist G. Madhavan Nair Describing ISRO's proposed space station construction as a "very exciting" project, Madhavan Nair said on Friday that it would help India retain its leading role in the field of space. He said, "Generally it takes time to realize such projects, to design, to move forward in this direction and to implement it. So if the government has paid attention to such a project, then I think that as far as ISRO is concerned, it is the most exciting project for that ever.

How does ISS work?

At present, the fully active ISS is in the lower orbit of the Earth, where astronomers conduct much research. The ISS is built under a partnership between the European Space Agency, the US, Japan, Canada, and Russia, representing European countries. This is the world's largest space participation program in the field of science and technology.