Humans have always had a fascination with the moon. Examples of beauty are given by taking the name of the moon. The talk of breaking the moon for each of our hearts has been mixed in our civilization for centuries. But now this moon is not just part of jumlas.

Price For Piece Of Moon

Now if you want, you can also buy a piece of the moon and give it to a loved one as a gift. The condition is that there should be 2.5 million dollars in your pocket i.e. about 19 crore rupees. Famous Canadian company Christie is ready to sell a piece of the moon.

How Can You Buy Piece Of The Moon?

The process of buying the piece of moon is as follows:

To get a piece of the moon of Thirteen and a half (13.5) kilograms, you will have to spend around 200 million pounds i.e. 19 crore rupees.

How This Piece Of Moon Found?

It is being claimed that an asteroid or comet collided on the lunar surface, after which a part of the lunar surface came out and fell downwards. After traveling about 2 lakh 40 thousand miles, this piece of the moon fell in the Sahara desert. This rock came out of the moon's surface and was found by some person and then traveling to each other and third hand, this rock has now been found by Canadian company Christie. This company now wants to sell it.

Experts have told that this is a real piece of the moon's surface. It is the size of a football. Its weight is about 13.5 kg. This is the fifth largest piece of the moon on Earth. This is named NWA 12691.

There Are Many Pieces Of The Moon On Earth

There are officially 650 kilograms of moon fragments on the earth, NWA 12691 is one of them. Scientists tested this ingot of the moon after finding the Sahara Desert. Scientists also compared it with rock pieces brought from the moon through the Apollo space mission of America and called it the original part of the moon.

James Hyslop, head of science and natural history at an American institute, has said that "all the meteor bodies that have been discovered were found in the Sahara Desert in the same way. At that time it was just assumed that it is the body of another planet. The person who got this body gave it to someone else and the other one to the third. Eventually, Dr. Stifler achieved it and then he got it tested through scientists, and then it was decided that it was part of the Moon.

How The Moon Pieces Were Identified?

In the 1960s and 70s, about 400 kg of rocks were brought from the moon through NASA's Apollo missions. After which those rocks were chemically analyzed and matched to the Moon Rock found in the Sahara Desert. Many such meteorites fall on the earth. On which research goes on.

Meteorites Are Rare Like Diamond 

The number of meteorites on earth is rare. The number of meteorites on the earth is the same as the weight of the diamond in a year. In this sense, meteorites are as rare as a diamond. Of all the meteorites on Earth, the moon's share is 0.1 percent. The piece of the moon which is with the Christie company is so rare.

Any poet's heart millionaire can make this rare piece of the moon his own. He just has to spend his wealth on this.