At this time, two places are getting maximum attention to the possibilities of life outside the Earth. One is Mars, where today, despite very difficult circumstances, the investigation is continuing in many ways to know whether there was any life in the past or not. Apart from this, there is another place for possibilities of life, that is the Moon Europa of Jupiter. New research has increased the confidence of researchers that there are strong conditions on Europa to be habitable.

Confirmation Of Presence Of Ocean

A team of researchers from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory believes that Europa not only has an ocean inside its surface but is divided into several layers in which ice surface acts as a shield for it.

Possibility Of Life

According to the report presented at the Virtual Goldschmidt Conference, the scientists associated with this research believe that there can be life in the ocean that lies under the surface of this moon Europa. They have found evidence that this ocean is suitable for life.

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Scientists also found that this ocean can be acidic because it has a lot of carbon dioxide, calcium, and sulfate. Earlier it was believed that this ocean would be sulfuric, but now researchers indicated that there would be more chlorine in the oceans. Because of this, the ocean will be like the oceans of the earth. On this basis, researchers believe that this ocean is also very suitable for life.

How Scientists Found Evidence Of Ocean On Europa?

The researchers used the Galileo mission's data in their research and analyzed the composition and physical properties of Europa's core, silicate surface, and the ocean beneath the surface. Mohit Melwani Daswani of NASA, the lead researcher of this study, says that his team has discovered many elements at different depths of Europa where water and vapor substances have been found at different temperatures.
Daswani said, "We studied these evaporating substances that came from the interior of Europa. We found that they should exist in the ocean of Europa. Earlier too many scientists have said that there should be an ocean under the ice found on the surface of Europa. These estimates were made on the basis of observations and data collected from the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft.

How Ocean Formed On Europa?

Researchers found that this ocean of Europa would be composed of metamorphism. In this process, due to the strong heat and pressure, the water minerals are broken, due to which water comes out. After this, water started rising due to tidal activities.

Daswani says that the inner layers of Europa are denser than the outer layers. It is evident that it would have suffered too much heat which would have led to the metamorphosis process. Apart from this, there can be many reasons for its cooling slowly and having liquid water. The effect of gravity of the Jupiter planet on Europa and the abundance of moons around it must have ensured that the water remains liquid. Apart from this, this water must have remained liquid even today, due to the inner radioactive activities of Europa.