The infinite sky is filled with all the mysteries inside. One such mystery is attached to the black hole. The heart of this supermassive black hole present in the unknown world of space is 'beating continuously'. This black hole was first identified in the year 2007. At that time, a unique feature present inside this black hole attracted the attention of all.

Heartbeat Of Black Hole

Actually, the way the heartbeats, in the same way energy waves are coming out of this black hole at regular intervals. Until the year 2011, scientists observed these energy waves continuously. After this, the circumstances kept getting worse. The satellite hardware with which this black hole was being monitored could not detect the black hole due to the interference of the sun. Signals coming from the black hole stopped and space scientists had to wait for seven years. Subsequently, new techniques were developed to monitor the black hole.

Blackhole Eats Everything Around It

The most interesting thing is that the black hole is still there and is 'beating' at regular intervals. It is said about the black hole that it eats everything possesses around it. Even the black hole absorbs the rays of light inside. Scientists say that even after this, the black hole releases energy into space. It is believed that most of the black hole is surrounded by an object known as the disc. It is dust, gas, and huge pieces of a planet. It is a common identification of a black hole, but it is very unusual in itself that energy waves are coming out from it continuously and at a fixed interval.

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"Blackhole Beating" Rare Occurrence

A study published in the Royal Astronomical Society states that this is the rarest behavior of a black hole in our galaxy. For the past several years, scientists have been listening to the beats of this black hole, but they are not yet able to find out how this whole system works. We have so far known that the black hole eats up everything in space and emits large amounts of energy.

Signal Coming From The Supermassive Black Hole

Scientists have not yet discovered how the heart of this black hole has been beating abnormally for decades. Doctor Chichuan Jin, associated with this study, says, 'This beat is very brilliant. This proves that such signals are coming from a very large black hole which is very strong and is coming continuously. This gives scientists an excellent opportunity to further investigate nature and find the source of the pulsation signal. '