6.60 million years ago, a large asteroid (a meteorite), hit the earth. Due to this, 75 percent of the animals living on the earth were killed. There was a smog of smoke in the sky for thousands of years. Even the sunlight was not able to reach the earth. But even before this incident, there was a terrible accident. Due to which the plants and marine animals of the entire earth were destroyed. Now experts have claimed that this incident can happen again.

How Life Was Over Due To Hole In Ozone Layer?

Around 36 million years ago, the plants and marine animals on our earth were destroyed. This accident happened due to holes in the ozone layer. This information has studied from new research which has been published in a magazine called Science Advances.

According to this research report, "36 million years ago, due to a hole in the Ozone layer, life inside the clear water, trees, plants, sea creatures, etc. were all over. In many places on earth, there was only fire. It was a terrible summer.

How Scientists Got This Information?

This research was performed when scientists found very fine plants in the holes of some ancient stones. This information was revealed when these plants were studied. However, some of these plants were safe, but the rest were inundated.

When scientists studied the DNA of the spoiled plants, it was found that they were burnt or spoiled due to the sun's ultraviolet rays. After this, the scientists were shocked, because the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun has once caused such a big accident.

After further study, it was found that the heat that increased due to holes in the ozone layer, increased the volcanic activity inside the earth. Volcanoes erupted in many countries, there was a catastrophe. After this, there was only a scene of destruction in the whole world.

May This Accident Happen Again?

But when the Earth's atmosphere became so hot, later Ice Agen started. Due to which life started to flourish again in the world. The warming earth slowly began to cool. Now, scientists have once again explained that, if such a hole occurred in the ozone layer again, it could be a 36 million-year-old accident back again. Then no one will be able to save the earth.