When the Asteroids are mentioned, usually the extinction of dinosaurs comes in the mind, but scientists believe that the onset of life on Earth may have been due to the collision of Asteroids. Researchers say that these space rocks, like guns, must have fired different material towards the amino acid and the molecules that formed when they fell into the water, started to form life. Earlier, UK researchers also made a similar claim.

How Did life begin on Earth?

Scientists in Japan have given two theories about the beginning of life on Earth. The first is that life may have come from some 'other world' through meteorites or would have formed naturally on Earth. The possibility of life coming from another world is discussed in the research paper. According to Professor Yoshihiro Furukawa of Tohoku University, meteorites are likely to contain elements necessary for life.

That's Why Theory Got The Strength

Dr. Furukawa has said, 'The study found the origin of amino acids from which proteins are made. The presence of the amino acid and other biomolecules in meteorites reinforces the 'alien' theory'. The researchers who did the study used carbon dioxide and nitrogen in their experiments.

Mars Was Also Like Earth

At the same time, the conditions of Mars are also considered similar to those of the Earth, as the Earth was about 4 billion years ago. Dr. Furukawa said, "Organic molecules are not difficult to make with compounds such as methane and ammonia, but both were considered small parts of the atmosphere at the time."

Chicxulub Crater Was Created By An Asteroid 

Earlier researchers from the UK claimed that a crater named Chicxulub was caused by an asteroid that killed the dinosaur, and researchers have found significant evidence related to the beginning of life on Earth from the rock samples found under it. Actually, hot water flowed down this crater as the asteroid collapsed. Such a situation is important for microorganisms. Researchers believe that a similar event must have occurred billions of years ago that began life on Earth.

Asteroid 29075 (1950 DA)

The first and largest Asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) in this list which is not going to come till 2880. It is also three times the size of the Empire State Building in the United States and was once believed to be the most likely to hit the Earth.

Asteroid Apophis

Asteroid Apophis has a diameter of 1214 feet and can damage the Earth between 2060–2105. It is expected that it will originate from 19,000 miles away from the earth.

Asteroid Bennu

Asteroid Bennu's diameter is 1608 feet. Although it is less likely to hit the Earth, even if it happens, it will be between 2175 and 2199 years.

Asteroid 2018 VP1 

The 2018 VP1 Asteroid is expected to hit the Earth between 2020-2025 but it is just 7 feet wide. A larger 177 feet Asteroid 2005 ED224 can hit the Earth between the years 2023-2064.