Billions of years ago, a huge planet collided with Earth. The collision resulted in the birth of the moon. According to NASA's research 477 million years ago, the Earth and the Moon were the same. At that time Earth and another planet near it were freezing and taking their shape.

At the same time, they collided with each other and went to Earth's sister. The collision of Earth and this planet was very fierce in which the second planet was shattered into millions of pieces. In addition, the earth broke into two pieces and the broken small part was removed. This piece later took the shape of the Moon.

Effect Of The Moon's Drift Away From The Earth

But now research has revealed that the moon will go far away from us one day. Actually, according to NASA, the moon drifts away 1.5 inches from the Earth every year. However, at this speed, it may take millions of years for the moon to go far away from us. But once we go away, a lot will change, and neither our earth will be able to remain as it is today nor will the Sun allow it to remain so.

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Professor Stephen Meyers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US said that "as the Moon is moving away, the Earth is behaving like a spinning figure skater that reduces its speed while spreading its arms. The motion of the Earth in the universe is influenced by other planets that exert force on it such as other planets and the Moon. Scientists have observed this motion of the Earth over a period of millions of years and with this, they can find the distance between the Earth and the Moon and the hours of the day."

Sun Will Destroy Earth And Moon

Explain that due to the gravitational force of the moon, the Earth is able to rotate about its axis. At the same time, due to the gravity of the Earth, the moon's orbit also affects. But when both will be away from each other, then the situation will be such that after the moon's orbit is very large, it will stop getting bigger than that. The Moon will have a 47-day orbit around the Earth and one of its own revolutions. And the sun will destroy the earth and the moon.

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Life Can End On Earth

Scientists tell that when the moon was formed, it used to be only a day of 5 hours on Earth. Due to the impact of the moon, after 4.5 billion years, a day of 24 hours became on the Earth. Scientists believe that due to the system of Earth and Moon life thrived on Earth. This system created favorable conditions for the living of plants and animals on the earth. In such a situation, if the moon drifts away from the earth, life can end here.