NASA's Mars rover "Curiosity" has recently captured pictures of Mars, which has revealed many facts that indicate the presence of Alien there.

According to Sputnik News, a self-proclaimed UFO expert, Scott C. Waring, made a stunning discovery with the help of recently published images of Mars by NASA. Waring has reportedly claimed that a warrior-like figure has seen in one of those pictures on the hillside of the planet.

On June 19, Waring wrote in his blog ET Database- 'I have found this figure in a hillside of Mars. In the new images of NASA's Rover, today. This figure can be of a man or woman, because even on earth, the armor of ancient warriors is often enhanced, which makes them appear stronger and creates fear in their enemy.'
He further said- 'The long cap looks like a part of the armor and it can fill 30% of the head of a person.' He also said that seeing this, he remembered Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Waring further stated in the blog- 'Some aliens are longer and bigger than humans. It is on the edge of a hill and reminds me of the time when I lived near Mount Rushmore and saw the shapes of the faces of the Presidents carved on the mountain. It is difficult for intelligent species to do this, because proud of some people of their culture, carving them into stones makes them immortal forever. '

Sputnik also spoke about Waring's discovery on their YouTube channel. In the video, the original picture of NASA and showing a colorful version of the rock looking like a warrior.

UFO hunter, resident of Taiwan, is known for analyzing NASA photographs and images of Google maps in search of aliens.