Looking for life outside the earth is no longer the only favorite subject for scientists. A lot of research is to continue on this topic. With such discoveries, scientists are also looking for answers to many questions like how life on Earth started and how the favorable conditions of life on Earth have evolved. Recent research has shown that in remote solar systems, there is a strong possibility that there are many planets where the condition is habitable.

Various studies on extra-terrestrials

There have been many studies on extra-terrestrials, far from Earth. Many models have also been created on this subject that how many such solar systems can be in the universe and our Galaxy, where the condition is not only habitable but also exists intelligent life.

A solar system has more than one habitable planet

The most important thing that has concluded in this new research is that wherever the habitable planets exist in the universe, there may be not one but many habitable planets in their solar system. Whereas, in our solar system It is an unusual thing to exist only one habitable planet.

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Goldilocks Zone

Scientists have always been looking for planets with areas having the possibility of life. These planets are at a particular distance from their Sun. Due to this, there is a possibility of water present in liquid form, and having the atmosphere suitable for life. These areas are also known as Goldilocks Zone. The planets far away from or near it are unlikely to habitable.

Why researchers surprised?

Scientists were inspired by a nearby planetary system, called Trappist-1, to do this new study. There are at least three such planets in this solar system that are in the habitable zone. The lead author of the study, published in the Astronomical Journal, astrobiologist Steven Kane, said, "It surprised us how many planets could be in the habitable zone and why there is only one such planet in our solar system? It seems unusual to us."

What study done?

How many planets can be in the habitable zone of a solar system? Based on this idea, the researchers created a model in which they made simulations of planets of different stars. In this, they figured out how the planets would interact for millions of years.

How many habitable planets can there be in a solar system?

Researchers have found that a star like our Sun can have six such planets, out of which each planet can have liquid water and other favorable conditions of life. Other types of stars can have seven such planets. If there are more planets, they will come close to each other and affect their orbits.

Why there is only one habitable planet in our solar system?

This research also highlighted the fact that there is only one habitable planet in our solar system and the researchers also investigated the reason for this. They found that one reason for this is that the planets of our solar system orbiting around the sun in the oval shape orbit. If they were orbit in regular and circular orbits, the orbits of our planets would be more stable.

How is Jupiter responsible for an only habitable planet in our solar system?

One of the reasons why our solar system has only a habitable planet is Jupiter. This planet weighs two and a half times more than the total weight of all other planets in our solar system. It has created a mess in the space around it. Kane says that it has spoiled the orbit of other planets.

This study can be helpful in knowing about the universe based on the information obtained from the observation of telescopes being used worldwide.