Quantum computing is a new and more promising field in the computer world. But this field is full of challenges. Recent research has raised the hope that now such quantum computing machines can be developed, which can work efficiently even at room temperature.

According to this research, the use of quantum logic gates will help in developing such a capable machine. A study by the researchers of the US Army has found that it will now be possible for a quantum computer to operate at a normal temperature.

New Logic Circuits

About Quantum computing it has been believed for years that quantum computing requires the very low temperature to work. For years, only transparent crystals with optical nonlinearity were seen as a solution to the problem of the working of quantum computing at low temperatures. This solution was also not much preferred. Now Army researchers are working on a new logic circuit so that the machine can operate at normal temperatures.

Fully Functional Quantum Computing

Right now the research is at the initial stage but its results are very encouraging. In this study, Dr. Kurt Jacobs of the Research Lab of the Combat Capabilities Development Command of the US Army, Dr. Mikkel Heuck of MIT, and Prof. Dirk Englund have found that within a decade, quantum computing will be fully functional.

Current Quantum Computing Systems Are Inefficient

Researchers showed in their study, how they would use quantum logic gates. They will build quantum computers using these in photonic circuits and optical crystals. Researchers called the current quantum system inefficient. According to them, the reason for this is the fact that a lot of cooling systems required for these systems to operate. In such a situation, these systems become very heavy, consume a lot of energy, which will prove to be very expensive for the customers. Researchers use photonic circuits, it will help to prevent these devices from getting bigger. So even low temperatures will not be needed.