How to save travel time? Don't get stuck in traffic? Instead of going to the store or store, is it possible to see the goods at home? How to test mental health, how to train surgeons and manufacturing workers? The answer to many such questions is augmented reality and virtual reality i.e. AR-VR.

Dr. Prafulla Mathur, co-founder of Queppelin, the nation's top augmented and virtual reality applications development company, has created an AR-VR based platform that will allow people to watch home furnishings, etc. in real-time from home and they will be able to experience it.

COVID 19 has caused a lot of damage to businesses worldwide. A negative environment has arisen. But the world of augmented and virtual reality (AR-VR) has brought new expectations. For example, in the last three months, all AR-VR platforms of augmented reality company 'Queppelin' have registered demand growth of approximately 300 percent. 

What is AR-VR after all?

Prafulla Mathur, co-founder of the company says about this, "Suppose someone has to buy furniture, then there is no need to go directly to the shop or store. With the help of our platform, customers can choose suitable furniture while sitting at home. For this, we have integrated e-commerce applications from the platform, so that users can visualize the furniture items of the catalog from their smartphone's camera. You can choose any color, texture, or right size. Furniture's e-commerce companies have also benefited from this technology. The refund rate has come down.' Apart from AR Furniture Try On, the company is also offering AR Shoes Try On and VR meetings, events, and flight simulations.

AR-VR will  change our standard of living

According to experts, just as smartphones and the Internet have completely changed the world, in the coming times, the same effective effect will because of augmented and virtual reality. Prafulla explains, "AI and blockchain are backend technologies that need front end display. AR-VR can meet the same drawbacks. They can be used in training, marketing, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment.'

Anyway, the situation that has arisen due to the global pandemic will change the whole way people communicate among themselves. Work from home in the offices, VR meeting has already started. People will also depend on online platforms for shopping, travel, adventure, and entertainment. It is also clear that how effective AR-VR will be in the coming time because there will be no risk of work in it.

Effectiveness of technology will increase

Given the way in which technology has been used effectively in the Corona era, now almost every company or business will adopt the technology. At present, many large companies also do not have automation or digital process systems, which may change in the coming days. Prafulla explains, "Recently I came across a friend of mine from Denver (Colorado), then he told how a tech company in the US faced difficulty during the lockdown. The company could not provide the laptop to the employees for doing work from home instead of the desktop. In such a situation, the situation of other developing countries like India can be gauged. Although the demand for AR-VR has increased, we have started to train the team in advanced concepts. Along with this, we are also hiring AR developers and 3D designers. '

History Of Queppelin

Alumnus Prafulla Mathur of Xavier School, Jaipur, after completing chemical engineering from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, worked for many years in India and UK. After working at Halifax Bank of Scotland, Lehman Brothers, Mastek, etc. In 2010, he along with his younger brother Pulkit launched the 'Queppelin' company, which was active in the field of mobile app development.

Companies like Facebook, Reliance, Samsung,, Nissan, Nokia have been clients of this company. In 2011,  Queppelin was also awarded by the 'Red Herring' Award. Prafulla explains, "Starting a company with a younger brother was the best decision in life. We both love technology. Although both have their own skill sets. We are more friends than brothers. Pulkit oversees the company's operations and performance metrics, while I focus on building strategy with tech platforms. But we work together to find a creative solution to any problem."