We heard rusting in iron but ever heard of any planet or satellite rusting. Yes, it is true. Indian Space Agency ISRO's Chandrayaan-1 has made a big discovery. It has taken some pictures which show that the moon is rusting. Rust stains are visible on it. That is, there is the presence of iron on the moon. Oxidized iron means hematite fractions of iron are visible on the lunar surface.

The amount of iron on the earth is abundant, but scientists are also surprised by the amount of iron found on the moon. Rusting on iron means that there are humidity or air and water. Scientists had found the presence of ice on the moon, but the discovery of hematite is very big. 

According to research by the University of Hawaii, published in a journal called 'Science Advances', hematite on the lunar surface has been detected from photographs taken by the orbiter of the Indian Chandrayaan-1. Expert of this university, Shuai Li, says that the formation of hematite on the surface of the moon is surprising because this satellite of the earth constantly withstands the solar storms of the sun.

Hydrogen atoms release electrons on the lunar surface due to solar storms, while iron oxidation occurs only when the electrons are low. The presence of hematite on the moon is more in that part, which is close to the earth. That is, the atmosphere of the earth is also impacting the moon. Shuai Li says that it may be the effect of the Earth's atmosphere.

Shuai Li said that snow was already discovered on a part of the moon near the earth. Now the presence of hematite at the same place shows that there is the presence of moisture and iron. When the meteor collided, the ice beneath the moon's surface melted and came to the surface. Very small particles of water must have been produced. This proves that the oxygen of the earth's atmosphere goes to the moon with solar winds.

This causes oxidation, by oxygen particles arriving on the lunar surface. When the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, the solar winds do not reach the Moon. In this case, the moon is also saved from hydrogen bombardment. At the same time, iron oxidation can occur.