At this time many storms have been recorded on the planet Jupiter. Some of them are so big that the whole earth can be contained within. On August 25, 2020, the Hubble Space Telescope of the US Space Agency NASA captured the images of the planet Jupiter. These storms are visible in it. Only visible waves of the white, orange, red, blue, and brown color show multiple storms appearing simultaneously on the planet Jupiter.

Many waves are visible in these pictures of the Jupiter planet taken by the Hubble Telescope. These waves are called the storm of Jupiter. The speed of storms on Jupiter at this time is 560 kilometers per hour. On the 18th of August, two big storms had recorded on Jupiter. At first, it seemed that they are brewing at different speeds but later it was found that both occurring together.

Every six years, many such storms pop up together on the planet Jupiter. Usually, only minor storms occur. Their speed may be less.  But this time many storms have popped together. White, orange, red, blue, and brown waves are showing storms contained different gases.

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These storms form a circular shape in the middle. They have a long tail back and forth. When the Hubble telescope captured different pictures with the UltraViolet, Visible, and Near-Infrared Light cameras, to see the difference in these storms and when these images were combined and analyzed, there were many horrific storms seen in the final image.

Often you will have seen a great red-colored circular spot on Jupiter. This spot is many times larger than the earth. This spherical shape has become more red at this time. Its size has also increased slightly. NASA's scientists have speculated that a big storm has also occurred in this Great Red Spot region.

The Great Red Spot region is 9800 miles in diameter i.e. 15771 kilometers. Scientists call this spot "Great Red Spot". Just below this, there is another blot, which is not completely red. This color varies but Scientists calls it Red Spot Junior.

NASA scientist has analyzed one thing that from the 1930s, till now, the size of the storms on the planet Jupiter has decreased compared to earlier. Although these changes in the size of storms have not yet been understood by scientists around the world. This puzzle has not been solved yet.