Scientists have grown radish crops in space for the first time. It will be brought to earth in 2021. NASA astronaut Kate Rubins has harvested radish crops grown in the International Space Station for the first time. Kate has packed 20 radish plants and put them in cold storage to bring to Earth in 2021.

Actually, NASA has given information about it on Twitter. NASA has named this experiment Plant Habitat-02.

Why Astronaut Chosen Radish?

The radish was chosen to grow in the space station because the scientists were confident that it would be fully ready in 27 days. It has been reported on the Twitter account of the International Space Station that radish is used for the study because it is a nutritious and fast-growing crop. Radish grows fast but may not grow so fast.

Radish Crops Require Very Little Care

According to NASA, it requires very little care to grow radishes. The red, blue and green, and white LED lights are lighted in the space chamber where it is grown so that the growth of the plant is good. Radish grown in space will be compared to radish grown at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Why Astronaut Grown Radish On Space?

The radish plant is used to study, how plants grow in microgravity conditions because it grows rapidly as it is nutritious and is genetically equivalent to the most frequently studied plant Arabidopsis in space. Radish is grown in Advanced Plant Habitat (APH).

Advanced Plant Habitat

Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) is a closed-loop environment growth chamber that will allow a range of experiments on the International Space Station (ISS). This chamber consists of approximately 200 sensors that monitor the level of gas, water and light within the chamber.